Fat Mogul vs. The Library

My local library....I wish.   Borrowed the picture from the masons, but can't actually get to the page where it's held.  Linked to it anyways...if you're a mason, you can see all their info on King Solomon's Library...whatever information that might be...by clicking the pic.
My local library….I wish.
Borrowed the picture from the masons, but can’t actually get to the page where it’s held. Linked to it anyways…if you’re a mason, you can see all their info on King Solomon’s Library…whatever information that might be…by clicking the pic.

Where yesterday I offered a piece of honesty that was rather lame, today I’ll offer one that is somewhat embarrassing…or at least should be for those of us who consider books an important part of our lives.

I absolutely forgot how awesome the library is.  I mean, seriously, it’s like super cool and stuff, guys.  You should totally check it out!

But seriously, there were a great number of years there…you know, 13 to 23, where I did almost no reading whatsoever, although I had greatly enjoyed reading in all the years outside of that decade.  I did definitely do some reading during that decade, but it was irregular.  Someone would recommend a book to me and I might get around to it months or years later.  It was rather pathetic.  When I finally started to pick up reading again, it was incredibly slowly…so much so, that I was never in need of books because I still had a whole ton of them that had been given to me over the years that I just never got around to reading.

In the past few years I’ve slowly been increasing my reading until finally reaching the rather voraciousness I’ve gotten to today (you know…something like a book a week, which isn’t exactly voracious, but considering how much free time I typically have…) and a couple weeks ago I finally caught up on my back log…at least of the books that had been sitting in my possession and eagerly awaiting to be read.

Interestingly enough, around the same time was the time I decided that I should take my kids out to the local public library, seeing as it’s within walking distance of my abode and we had a Monday off together.  That day was all about them, and they fell completely in love.  Sure, they still spend a lot of time asking me if they can use the computers there to play games, but honestly, the piles and piles of books at their fingertips seem to be the more interesting part once they finally get in the doors.

The last time we went, I realized that I was in need of a new book to read and thought (for all of about a second) about which books the library might have that I would want to read next…all of a sudden I realized that all of these books I had been wanting to read, but fearing that I would kill my entertainment budget, were completely free and within walking distance of my home (okay, so, no, most of the indie books I want to read aren’t there, but many of them are available on Kindle Unlimited, meaning that it’s but a pittance as well).  Like, for seriously, I suddenly realized something that every kid in the world realizes…something I, myself, had realized somewhere around thirty years ago.

Libraries are awesome.

I mean, they have movies and CDs and video games now too!  I’ve spent a great deal of time now just looking through the catalog planning what books I want to pick up next…it’s…well…it’s rather exciting.  I mean, I’ve been stuck with this pile of books for forever, all books I wanted to read, but books I felt I needed to read before choosing anything new, and suddenly, I can read whatever the hell I want…and it’s all there, just down the road…waiting.

And the best part.  My kids love going there too, so whenever I want to pick out a new book, it’s like I’m treating my kids to something special 🙂

So, this all may seem like a bit of hyperbole, and I’ll admit to using some leeway in my expression of excitement, but the truth of the matter is, I found myself getting reacquainted with an old friend, and being quite happy about it, and wondering how in the world me and that old friend ever parted ways in the first place.

Of course, now the real problem is…what book DO I read next?  There are so many to choose from…And I’m waaay behind.

Alrighty, got a busy day of some minor edits to Long Chron, querying some agents (well, researching for agents I want to query and hopefully querying some if I find them), and, most importantly, putting some words to paper for The Right To Liberty.  I got the basic synopsis written out yesterday and I’m pretty eager to get moving forward…thinking that I might make this one another novella, but I’m waiting to see how the story moves before I make that statement for real.

Have fun out there!


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