Book Review: Seeing Magic by Laura Emmons

81YjXDtmz+L._SL1500_Alright, I’m going to be honest here for a second.  One could be easily fooled by the rather unassuming title and cover of Seeing Magic by Laura Emmons into thinking that this book is nothing special.  On the surface, it could easily be overlooked.  I’ll admit, I almost overlooked it, and I’m friends with the author.

I’m very happy I didn’t make that mistake.

Seeing Magic starts off like many young adult novels, with a young adult being introduced to a new world where they find out that they are part of a legacy much larger than themselves.  The main character, Maggie, is quickly introduced to this world that lives alongside our own and is quite quickly placed to lead it, as we find within the opening chapters.

From there, however, we’re brought inside of a much stronger, living world, built with care by author Emmons as it seems to combine the belief systems of several different cultures to be crafted into its own, somewhat druidic coven of magic users.  Where this story really finds its footing is with the magic itself.  Emmons world involves so many different magical creatures, imaginatively working together as a community…a community that quickly finds itself endangered.

And that’s where the fun comes in.  Maggie finds herself in the midst of all this, an outsider, but one who possesses the talents that might be able to help this community continue to thrive.  She’s part of something much bigger than herself, but still, ultimately, the same person she was when she walked in.  That is, until she begins to realize how her actions can truly effect the world around her.

This is a great quick read, one that I finished much faster than I would have expected, and I definitely suggest it for anyone who likes an enchanting tale that might remind you a little of books like Fern Gully (a personal favorite of mine as a kid).

Buy it now!


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