Fat Mogul vs. Strong Swimmers

b14a2865ad999207f3213e046a2db5edSo, I’ve come to the realization that I haven’t spent much time on here talking about one of the most exciting aspects of my life over the next few months…the impending arrival of my third child…perhaps the brown eyed dark haired baby that I’ve been longing for?  Just kidding, those blue eyed babies are damned adorable.

Of course, once you reach the final stretch of a pregnancy (the three month long stretch they like to call the third trimester), there’s a whole bunch of things that come into the mind, mostly because of a expectant mother overthinking about all of the things that need to happen during those 90 days…most of which won’t actually happen until the final week anyways.

And, of course, things like putting together the crib which is sitting in pieces doesn’t appear to be an immediate necessity…we’re not concerned about purchasing diapers or wipers or bottles (well, that’s come up once, I believe) or whatnot.  There’s been minimal discussions about the need for a new car seat (or a new car to fit the new car seat…).

Do you want to know what the most important discussion comes down to at this point in a pregnancy? (and has in all previous ones as well…)  The name.

Don’t get me wrong here, we’ve been talking about the name since day one.  It’s kind of the easiest part of the whole thing to discuss: what word you’d like to be yelling across the store/house/restaurant/state for the next 18+ years of your life.  If you’ve got a lisp, you definitely aren’t going to want to pick a dangerous name like Susan…but a little boy named Sue….right, that’s already been done, hasn’t it?

My wife’s a rather indecisive lady.  You’d be amazed at how long she can sit in front of a list of different cheeseburgers (all basically the same thing) and not be able to make a decision until she realizes that she’s holding up the line.  It’s pretty incredible really…so, when it comes to naming our progeny, it takes a rather convincing argument for one name or another in order for her to actually feel confident that it’s the label she wants to place on that child for the rest of their life.

I actually did something like that on here a while back, when expecting our first child, basically picking a male and a female name for the kid (we didn’t know the gender until she arrived…well…I mean, I knew, but WE didn’t (side note: I’ve been write 3 out of 3 times on genders))  I wrote a long post expounding on the different pros and cons until finally deciding that I really appreciated two different name combinations, one for each gender, first and middle names…Those were the names we picked…the names that our two kids have…even though they were both picked for the one.

Just to give you an idea of how my wife’s decider works and how convincing an argument I can make, when being all introspective and whatnot… 😉

As such…it would appear that it is about time for me to do this again…to define the future of our impending youth through a name that I am about to craft a poetic-sounding reason for why we should like that name.

Of course, perhaps to start, we should look at the names we have for the other two…because you might notice something of a trend.

And…since I’ve got an unwritten rule about not directly stating my children’s names on here, you get to look at them the same way I do…through meaning.

First, let’s go with the middle names, because they are actually quite telling in their similarities.  Both kids we currently have enjoy middle names that start with R and invoke the color red.  Red, of course, being the color of love, and passion, and all that good stuff…the type of blessing I’d love to place on my children.

The middle name we’ve got in mind for number three also starts with R…mainly because we figured we started a trend here and me and my wife also have R middle names…we might as well keep it going.  It means little king.  Now, although purple may be considered the color of royalty for many cultures, I can’t help but think about a big ol’ red cape attached to kings.  Not to mention, I like the idea of a little king.  This ain’t no prince set to go along with whatever he’s been given, it’s a king, set to make the world better through his rule.  Love and passion should go hand in hand with a strong ruler.  I don’t think that it’s much of a stretch to state that this name goes well with the middle monikers for our other children.

But, of course, no one really cares about middle names…the firsts are what they really want to know about, what we get asked about on a rather frequent basis…the question which is difficult to answer until after the child is born, for fear of having the name ruined before then.  So, if you come through asking for answers on the truth of these names, I’ll outright deny that we’ve got anything picked out…as I have been for months now.

Without going too deeply into my other children’s names, we’ll simply state that if you break their names down into their simplest forms, they both basically mean peace.  Peace and love were things I definitely wished upon both of them, and, of course, wish on pretty much anyone, so their names seemed like very suitable blessings…

Baby number three has had three names which have, as of yet, not been tossed out of the mix for options.  Interestingly enough, two of those names are quite similar, in meaning, to the only middle name we’ve presented.  One means ‘rules the people’, and one means ‘to conquer and win’.  One of these names I’ve actually been quite partial to, but in considering a name a blessing, I’m not sure I’m much of a fan of either.  These names both carry connotations of oppression, even if they are only inferred connotations.  Little king I’m cool with, ruler or conqueror, they just seem to take that next step away from doing what’s best for people into the territory of doing what’s best for me.

Which leaves one name…a name that I’ve been quite on the fence.  It’s a quite one, a somewhat unique one, one that I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone with the name, although it’s not in any way a new one.  It’s meaning is happy/lucky.  Interestingly enough, my 3-year old son’s name carries connotations of bad luck.  Happy and lucky.  These are things I can get behind.  These are blessings.  Great blessings…

And…(mind you, this might be mostly serving as a final selling point for my wife), I have to admit that looking at this name, in its entirety from meanings, makes me think of lyrics to a song that’s pretty important to me:

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young

I’m thinking I’ve made my choice.  Of course, once again, if you ask me about it, I will deny that we have any names even in mind up and down.  But I think I’ve come up with the blessings I want to impart on this kid.  And I think they’re pretty darned good.

Have fun out there!


4 Replies to “Fat Mogul vs. Strong Swimmers”

  1. The name Pierce immediately made me think of Pierce Brosnan, followed by chest hair and disappointing Bond sequels…I’m not so sure I want to be reminded of that every time I yell at my kid for not eating his green beans 😉

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