Fat Mogul vs. The Literary Agent or…The Return of the Query Letter

From Bo's Cafe Life...a great self-deprecating web comic about authors.
From Bo’s Cafe Life…a great self-deprecating web comic about authors.

Alright folks, so, as promised, I’ve gone about the process of actually sending out my first query letter for The Long Chron…you know those query letters, right?  Those things that authors who wish to not self-publish a book send out to literary agents and publishers begging them to give their book a read, a skim, or a sideways glance.

Yeah…one of those.

I’ve actually sent out two to two different agents whom I feel really should ‘get’ this book.  Of course, that doesn’t mean jack squat…in 6 months when they finally respond to the query letter, the more than likely eventuality is that it will be just another form-letter rejection stating something along the lines of “although this book doesn’t work for me, this business is subjective and it could work for any number of other agents” (which should be read as, try bugging someone else, but leave me alone, I don’t want to be the one to tell you your book is crap).

Okay, yeah, that’s really harsh, I know.  One of the agents has a stated response time of 6-8 weeks and the other 5-10 days…so, I won’t have to wait nearly as long for those rejection slips to hit my inbox 😉

Alright, but in all honesty, it’s a little weird being back in this place that I gave up on a couple years ago.  I feel a lot more confident about this book than I did about The Legend of Buddy Hero or The Agora Files.  I feel as though I’ve grown a ton as an author, I feel as though I’ve grown a ton as recognizing myself as an author, and I honestly believe that this book encapsulates both of those qualities.  Also, I’m not putting as much hope into this process as I had in the past.  Sure, it would be cool to get an agent/publisher and perhaps put a little more professional of a front on this whole art form instead of having the scary term “self-published” affixed before “author” on my imaginary business cards.  But I also know that these rejections aren’t the end of the world for me.

I have a growing audience.  Were I to ignore the traditional publishing industry altogether, I’m certain that I will, at some point, gain the following necessary for the self-published prefix to be unnecessary, except when doing interviews with those folks who want to talk about the possible success that can come as a self-published author.  I honestly feel that confident about my talent and about my books.  It would just be nice to have something backing me up…just a little…

So, here I am, two query letters out there in the world, swimming around in a slush pile somewhere, awaiting someone to quickly look at it and probably determine they don’t care (not being negative here…the odds just ain’t in that letter’s favor due to how many such letters get rejected on a daily basis), thinking about how next week will begin the process of a new book.

It feels pretty good.  Will probably even feel good after I get the first rejection letter…not so good after fifty, obviously.  We’ll see how things go.  I’m still in pretty high spirits, which is a good sign for the day after finishing a book…usually there’s a big feeling of dread that can accompany such days, knowing that now the book is going out to be critiqued by the world (or, more particularly, my friends and family who act as beta readers).  Right now, I’m just living happy in the fact that my query letters have that Schrodinger’s Cat situation happening.  At least for another couple minutes.

Speaking of The Long Chron…if you’re one of those folks who have been eagerly awaiting the release of this book and are disappointed that I’m going about the process of finding folks to maybe help me shop it around to publishers, feel free to shoot me a note at adam@fatmogul.com.  I’d be more than willing to share a copy with you, because that’s just the type of guy I am.

Have fun out there!


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