Fat Mogul vs. Finishing Editing

from chicagonow.com (a story, interestingly enough, also about writing)  click to go to the story
from chicagonow.com (a story, interestingly enough, also about writing) click to go to the story

I’m pretty giddy…today’s one of those days where I get to state to myself, “Hey, I’ve finished that book”, knowing fully well, of course, that I will be returning to doing a whole great deal of work continually for, well, who the heck knows how long, especially if this moves anywhere in my whole attempts to try to sell it, but also just from after getting responses from beta readers and my own silly thoughts as I continue moving forward on the process.

I know, I’ve been talking about the editing process and using it as an excuse for not putting much out here for weeks, if not months (I’m actually not sure how long I’ve been doing this now), but I’ve been that sucked in, that motivated to finish this sucker.

Sure, it’s nothing special.  I mean, you won’t finish reading this book thinking your life has been changed or anything, but I’m just so damned proud of it that I don’t care.  Even if I’ve gotten to the point in the editing process where I hate it a little bit…

Okay, actually, I hate it a lot…but not really.

You see, editing is an odd game where you just sit and inspect every single tiny little piece of your work to see if it holds up to intense scrutiny.  The kind of scrutiny that only the most jerkiest of reviewing jerks would hold to a piece…you know, those folks who go into reading things just to find all the things they could hate about something…like those people who devoted entire websites just to finding every single thing wrong with the Twilight series of books, down to comma and word choices.

The majority of readers won’t notice these things, but there are many who will…many, like myself, to be honest…at least if I’m reading your book whilst in the midst of editing, because my evil eye has been turned to become deftly attuned to such things…well, deftly might be considered a bit of an exaggeration (at least by my eagle-eyed readers who catch the many things I miss in the editing process).

But the problem with going into your own masterpiece with such an eye out for every possible thing wrong with it, is that you then just see the things that are wrong.  You’ve taken a negative look at your book and begin to see it in a way you never should…you begin to hate it.  I constantly have to take a step back during the editing process in order to try and get a better glimpse of what a first-time reader would take out of the experience, instead of my own experience which is that I’ve read these same damned words too many times now and just want this stupid book to end!

But then…every so often, I come across something I did that’s just plain brilliant.  Something that I had a note to add or correct that, when I get to the area where I believe it needs to be changed, I find that I had already done it in a way that’s infinitely more clever, and forgot, due to it being a much more concise and simplistic way of doing such things.

Chapter 42 happens to be where most of these occur in The Long Chron.  Chapter 42 is honestly where people will either decide to love or hate this book.  Chapter 42 is where the whole damned thing changes.  But hidden within the pages of Chapter 42 are several tiny things that I put in and didn’t even know it…or at least I didn’t remember it.  This chapter is the one thing that keeps me sane about the whole book, the one place where I can constantly look back to and remind myself that there’s a great deal of brilliance hiding within this rather standard appearing adventure fare.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of this book, at least when I’m not going through line by line, word by word, trying to find out what parts are broken.  This may, quite possibly, be the best thing I’ve written to date…at least for those of you who have been looking for satisfying endings.  It’s got heart, it’s got character, it’s incredibly well researched, and I think it’s pretty darned clever, even within the necessary confusing nature of a time travel story…a confusion that I believe becomes quite clear by the end of it…and then hopefully becomes less clear as you think about it afterward.

This book is written as an experience, one which it difficult to tell whether it actually succeeds when reading it through for myself…In fact, the one reason I both hate this book and love it at the same time is due to my perceptions of how the whole experience works out in the mind of the reader.  It might not work, or it might.

And most of that will happen with regards to chapter 42…the answer to everything (in this book anyways)…well…not really, but it is pretty much the make or break chapter, in my opinion.

So, I’ve got 8 chapter left to just do some finishing polishing on today, and then hopefully will spend some time putting together a blurb.  This book is basically in the can…there’s just, you know, everything that goes on from that point left to do…which is an awful lot.

I’ll be putting out the call for beta readers later on today though.  You know…if I’ve managed to sell the thing for you well enough yet.


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