Book Review: Look Sharpe! by Karen Perkins

51+-Mm41HxLPirates and Privateers and Buccaneers, oh my!

Sorry..really had no clue how to start this post… That’s definitely not the way.

Anyways, apart from that terrible start to a review post, this morning I finished up book 3 in Karen Perkins’ Valkyrie series, Look Sharpe!. Honestly, this is one of the fastest reads I’ve had through a book in recent history.  Without even trying I made it through this thing in a matter of a few days.  It’s not that it’s that short of a book (I mean, it’s not all that long, but it’s not short either), just that I found myself fully digging into this tale of swashbuckling action.  It’s good….but I’ll leave the official review below to help you make your decision if you want to dig into the rest of the series.

Actually, before I do that, I want to state that although this may be considered book three in the series, I might suggest that this would be a great book to start with.  It actually begins around the time (if not before) of the first book, and gives a great deal of background on a character that we see a lot of in book 2, Dead Reckoning.  And honestly, this is a fantastic intro to the series, giving a taste of the action that you get deep details on in book 2 as well.

Official review:

When I read book 1 of Karen Perkins’ Valkyrie series, An Ill Wind, I cringed. The terror and darkness involved in that novella was so intense, I couldn’t help but wish for brighter days for Gabriella and pray that the end of that book would lead her there.

As I read book 2, Dead Reckoning, I couldn’t help but become completely entranced by the amount of detail Perkins places within her world, making the entire pirating (or privateering, depending on who you talk to) art become completely alive.  No stone was left unturned, if you didn’t come out of that story understanding what it meant (at least more than going in), then you weren’t reading the same book I read.

But when it comes to book three, that’s when the world really starts to come to life.  Acting as something of a prequel, although also a side-quel (in that it occurs over the course of time of the first two books), Look Sharpe! gives us further background on the character of Henry Sharpe, an integral piece of the Valkyrie story whom, until now, has always seems somewhat mysterious.

However, it’s not just the character detail that makes this story interesting.  In a series that has been equal parts romance and pirates, we finally get the male’s version of the story.  Sure, they are women involved, but they are a small piece of the puzzle, even the ones that serve as romantic entanglements.  This take is about Sharpe and how he rose to become a pirate from being Lord Rowleston (or whatever his name was before).  This is about pirates and action, and shooting, and fun, and drinking, and poop decks, and treasure.

This is about pirates.

If you want a great introduction to a wild world of sea-based action, this is the book to start with.  If you find, as I’m sure you will, this one to be worthwhile, then you’ll definitely be ready for book 2.

Look Sharpe! is book 3 in Karen Perkins’ Valkyrie series.


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