Fat Mogul vs. My Back

courtesy of the oldify app...although I'm not sure it made all that much of a difference...
courtesy of the oldify app…although I’m not sure it made all that much of a difference…

I was quite happy this weekend, whilst watching my son play at the play area in the mall, to run across a friend I hadn’t seen in forever.  This was one of my best friends for a while whom, due to life, children, wives, distance, whatever, I just managed to find myself separated from.  Our time together in the loud room of childhood bliss was short, but the important empty promises of hanging out soon were there…not that either of us (well, I can only say for certain about myself) are against hanging out soon, but, well, if history is any proof….  It’s sad, but not the topic of discussion today.  Life gets busy, someday I might get over it…perhaps when I retire at the age of 97…

What is the topic of discussion is the fact that this friend, whom we determined I hadn’t seen in approximately 2 years, although living in basically the same town (he lives something like 20 minutes away from me, I think), looked a great deal different from the last time I had seen him.  Most notably, he had a bunch of salt peppered throughout his hair…or is it pepper salted through his hair?  Or maybe just that he had some salt n’ pepper hair going on?  Look, what I’m trying to say here is that the kid I hung out with mostly during the years around the age of 21, had an infestation of new color spreading around on his noggin’ and it wasn’t by choice.

Actually, all around, I couldn’t help but notice that he was looking a lot older than the last time I had seen him, and even made sure to mention it to him…possibly one of the reasons we don’t hang out anymore: my terrible mouth.  I’d like to state that I didn’t focus at all on his growing wrinkles…

Of course, I also didn’t notice the fact that I was currently in the midst of dealing with my back, which I had severely injured over the course of the weekend and was trying my hardest to not have to stand…

I also didn’t mention the fact that this happens on at least a once-a-year basis and is probably something I should get checked out, along with my colon and prostate and whatever else old men get checked out (honestly, I’m not old enough for those other two…yet).

My unhappy back has long been a sign of my increasing age, along with things like my own birthdays as well as those of my children.  But none of those seem to hold a candle to seeing friends I haven’t seen in a while.  I have classmates from high school who have kids themselves who are in high school…I have friends who are bald or completely grey/white haired.  Friends whom, the last time I saw them, were just getting married to their high school sweetheart immediately following graduation (maybe a little exaggeration there).  Friends who the last time I saw them were planning their college careers.  Friends who, the last time I saw them, were still kids, not attempting to hide their growing beer bellies (okay…that might mostly be me doing that one).

I like to make a lot of jokes about my own age, realizing that 30 is no longer considered an age to be worried about…mostly by people who passed that age millenia ago.  But I really don’t generally feel that old, even when my back makes me look like a 50 year old southerner who has to use his whole upper body just to look left.  In fact, I still find it difficult to believe that I have a kid in kindergarten, as I feel that I should probably still be in elementary school…

But seeing friends after a long time apart, it definitely makes me feel older, helps me realize the time that has passed, causes me to notice more of my own grey hairs and wrinkles.

I sometimes like to think that time passes slowly for me, that it’s not just flying by…then I realize it’s been 2 years since I’ve seen someone I used to consider one of my closest friends…

Stupid life, it keeps moving forward.

I mean, that’s good in some ways, I suppose.  In other ways, I find myself not wanting to get up from my chair because my back will scream at me if I do…

But, I have things to do…so, I’m getting up.  Wish me luck.


And have fun out there!


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