Fat Mogul vs. Patience

borrowed from wppinner.com
borrowed from wppinner.com

Yesterday marked the completion of the second draft of The Long Chron, my time-traveling tale about a couple of con men (people…) who find themselves in the midst of a world of magic and politics…

I love it.  I wrote my first full-fledged, this is the end of a book, of a story, here’s all the pieces you should want wrapped up into a bow, and then added a cute little tag right for the last second.  I’m actually quite proud of how it ends alone, but the rest of the book, I believe, is incredibly clever, allows for quite a few twists, and honestly, gets about as convoluted as a time travel story can get before just losing you as a reader.

I believe it’s an amazing book.

But now I have to go through and edit again…

Not that I’m complaining.  The editing process, although slow and brain-draining, is actually a lot of fun, because as an author, you get to watch the piece get better and better.  It’s like watching a sculpture form into its final piece.  At first, you might see the basic shape of a face, and then as the sculptor keeps working whatever his/her medium is, you see the features come into play, until finally, that thing has eyebrows and ears and nose hairs and wrinkles and whatever else.

But…having a book that is basically complete, you know, a little more than the shapeless mass of metal, is really difficult.  I want everyone to see what I’ve got going on, want to parade it to the world, want everyone to see how magnificent it will become when it’s completely finished…but it’s not finished yet.

And won’t be for a little while still…I mean, typically from this point, it could be as short of a time as a couple weeks to a few months…probably a couple weeks or more.

But there’s more that goes from there, of course, as that’s just when it goes out to the first readers to make sure that the face looks like a face, that the ears aren’t too high, that the haircut is just right, that everything works together in the way it’s supposed to.

And then, of course, even after it gets released, which for this one will probably be a while, seeing as I’m still thinking about trying to shop it around to some people first, there’s a great deal of time involved before people actually start reading it.  Just now I’m starting to see regular readers on The Legend of Buddy Hero, and that was released a year and a half ago…

I’ve talked about this before…being an author takes an awful lot of patience.

I’m not a huge fan of that.

So, I guess I had better get back to work so I can get this puppy done and start working on the next one!

Have fun out there!


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