Book Review: The Obvious by J. Cassidy

One of the things that indie authors ke71S6JMSlgWL._SL1500_ep surprising me with is how they work in the romance genre.  A genre that is typically been rather stale in its methods of presentation seems to be getting a major overhaul, almost completely through the work of the indie authors of today.

Although The Obvious hardly should be pigeonholed into such a limited genre, that’s how it was described to me when I initially picked it up.  Modern Shakespearean tragedy would probably be a better fit.

This thing is fantastic.  It’s depressing, it’s honest, it’s frightening, and it causes a little bit of self-reflection, even for male readers like me who are quite far removed from the protagonist of this novel.

I really don’t even know how to talk about this thing without doing it a disservice, as it’s really just an amazing look into the life of someone who just can’t quite seem to get it all together, who has so much baggage, so much …I don’t even know, just so much unhappiness that just hangs around her like a cloud.

This is not a story with a happy ending, this is not a story for those who are looking for a light easy read, this is a story about a girl and her messed up life…and how she doesn’t do anything towards making it any better.

And it’s one of the best written things I’ve ever read…yes, that’s slightly hyperbolic, but the writing on this thing is solid and makes you wish that it doesn’t end the way it obviously needs to end.

If you’re not opposed to a little graphic sex in your reading, I’d suggest picking it up for this weekend’s read.


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