Fat Mogul vs. Labor Day

Labor Day is, quite possibly, my least favorite holiday.

No, I’m going to get confident on that one…it’s my least favorite holiday, no doubt.

Sure, it’s a three-day weekend for those of us in the corporate and government worlds (at least in the States).  But it also marks the end of summer…the end of the promise of freedom.

Oh, yeah…that seem a little hyperbolic?  Let me explain.

Summer means freedom to me.  Not necessarily in that whole ‘Murica kind of way…although, perhaps.  But I mean that it allows for the freedom of days…sure, it may be a concept that barely exists now that I’m in the working world that forces me to stay at my desk every day, even during the summer, but something about summer still means, to me, freedom…the ability to explore the world at your own leisure and have control over your day.

As a kid, I definitely used summer for this purpose.  As an adult, I may not do so nearly as much, but I definitely try.

But, you see, my reason for the hesitation on calling out Labor Day back at the start of this post is that it also happens to be the weekend in which I typically attempt to shove as much summer-type fun into the course of three days as possible.

This weekend involved a trip to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, a day of swimming, a few extra walks, and, of course, some time just chilling outside and having fun.

But then yesterday, our child care provider called in sick, meaning that one of us had to watch the kids for the day…meaning me…meaning I got an extra day added to the Labor Day Weekend of, “let’s pretend summer’s not over yet and have as much fun as possible!”

The meant a long walk out to the park, then to the library, before finally coming back home and collapsing for an extended nap (for the kids, not me).  We fully enjoyed out time outside and overall got to kiss summer goodbye in the way it’s intended, by just enjoying our time outdoors before the winter comes and keeps us inside.

Of course, my Labor Day Weekend did finally die last night as I finally ripped up the linoleum in the downstairs bathroom to see whether or not there was rotten wood underneath (something we had been afraid of for a few weeks, but were too afraid to look)…only to find that I was able to rip a child-sized hole into the floor, through to the crawl-space below, with my bare hands…

Summer-time fun goes away…giant hole in the bathroom fills its place.

Of course, that’s just the standard of home ownership, right?  Deal with the crappy DIY plumbing mistakes of the previous owners?  Grrr….

So, for now, on this, my Monday morning (which just so happens to be a Wednesday), I’m choosing to ignore the hole in my bathroom and revel in the glory that has been this past summer…it wasn’t nearly as exciting as I would have liked it to be, but I think for the final summer before my daughter starts Kindergarten (tomorrow morning, officially…) it served quite well…

Now if I can just prep to make sure next summer involves a three-month RV road trip across the country…


Anyways, way behind on editing due to the long weekend, so I’m going back to it.

Have fun out there!


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