Fat Mogul vs. The 500

20140410231215!NoPictureA pretty big milestone occurred last week without me noting it.  This blog has officially surpassed the 500 posts mark.  That’s right, I have spent time on over 500 days to put some completely worthless piece of drivel out here just so I don’t put it into my books.  According to the plugin I use to verify such things, just shy of 300,000 words have been put to this cause.  To put that into perspective, my books average around 75,000 words, meaning I could put together 4 whole books just from the words I have written on here alone.

Don’t worry…I won’t.  That’s a horrible idea…

Unless someone wants to pay me for it…then, yeah…I love selling out!


That means that, assuming I had written every weekday, which I most definitely haven’t….I’ve spent the last 2 years entertaining you with my completely pointless ramblings about nothing.  In reality, it’s been almost 3.5 years since I started trying to keep this thing up on a regular basis.

This is, quite possibly, the longest I have stayed dedicated to something that serves almost no true purpose.  Sure, it gets stupidity out of my brain so I can put the proper idiocy within my books, but I’ll admit, many of these posts didn’t even do that appropriately.  This spot simply serves as a place where I can shut my brain down, type a bunch of words for a few minutes before having to return to real life.  I don’t have to edit, I don’t have to think, I don’t even have to make a point.  As long as I end it with a not-too-weird transition to the “have fun out there”, I feel like I’ve done my job.

500 posts…that means that I’ve officially passed the point where if anyone were to decide they were in love with me and wanted to read every single thing I’ve ever written, they still wouldn’t make it through all of this…my crazed thoughts spread out over the last 3.5 years.

With the passing of this milestone (much more comfortable than the passing of a kidney stone, I’ve been told), I feel almost like a real blogger (I’m not a real blogger, I’m a man who blogs regularly).  Soon I’m guessing I’ll start getting calls from different companies to join them on their social media meetups, getting to be in youtube end of year videos and all that cool stuff…

You know…cuz I’ve been around for a while.

And do absolutely nothing special outside of write some random words and steal an image off the internet that might have something to do with it.



What have I done with my life?

I feel like I should make some sort of resolution, perhaps some grand statement that this blog will someday have a message, a theme, a political stance, or something.  That I will make this blog stand out from the hordes of blargs out there through it’s witty views on airplane food through the use of roomba-aided instagrams.

I won’t.

I’m not a blogger.

I’m a man with a blog.  And you shouldn’t be reading this.

What you should read, however, are the books that this blog is in no way a proper marketing device for.  They’re really good.  Go find them.


Alright…seriously, I’ve got to get to editing or something…my brain’s mighty tired.

Have fun out there!


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