Fat Mogul vs. Candy Crush Saga

click the pic to go to a discussion about candy crush addictions
click the pic to go to a discussion about candy crush addictions

I’m going to let you in on a little secret….I’ve been playing Candy Crush Saga…for a while now.

That’s right.  All you folks who have sent me countless invites to play so we can exchange whatever random crap gets exchanged in that game…I’ve been living a lie when I reject you.  Well, I mean, I don’t have the game connected to Facebook or anything, because I really don’t want to let anyone know I’m playing it.

But here’s the stupid thing.  I absolutely despise this game.  Not only is it yet another minor modification to the same game that has been popular since online games started (I believe the first version was called Diamond Mine, but Bejeweled Blitz might be a bit more fresh in most people’s minds), but it’s just annoying.  I mean, there is actually very little skill to the game once you get to the later levels.  It really is all about just hoping to get the perfect game for that level so you can move on.

And I’ve been doing this for over 300 levels now!

And do you want to know why I keep doing it?  For a while I had been doing it in order to pass my wife and feel supreme, but that happened a couple weeks ago and I’m still opening up the app as my go-to whenever stuck somewhere and bored…The truth of the matter is, I really don’t know.  It’s some sort of compulsion.  One I can’t get rid of.  Which is terrible because I absolutely do not enjoy it.

I fear it has something to do with my need to complete things…which is even more terrible, from the looks of how big the map continues past my current location, and the fact that (I’m guessing) they’re making more levels and will be for as long as people keep giving them money.  I, for the record, have not ever and will not ever give them money…

I hate Candy Crush Saga…but I keep playing it…which sounds an awful lot like an addiction.

So, kids, if there were one piece of advice I could give you, in general, is that if there is some stupid fad game out there for your mobile phone…don’t download it…all that will happen is you will get stuck in an unending cycle of depression and waiting for new lives to appear so you can crush more candy…I think I need to go back to console gaming.  At least those things have an end point…

Alright, this one’s short.  I’ve got a bunch of editing to get done on The Long Chron.  And some candy crushing to—no, seriously, editing is what I’m up to.

Have fun out there!


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