Fat Mogul vs. Fridays

This might be the first cat pic I've put on the site...now my stats will soar!  click the pic to go to the source site.
This might be the first cat pic I’ve put on the site…now my stats will soar! click the pic to go to the source site.

Right now, and for the past couple months, my wife has not worked on Fridays…

That means that right now, and for the past couple months, my kids have been home on Fridays…

I work from home every day…including Fridays…

I love Fridays, I really do.  Everyone across the world (at least within the company I work for) considers Friday to be the day for absolutely nothing to get done.  Almost no meetings happen on Fridays, no one answers e-mails on Fridays, making it almost pointless to send them.  And, well, no one really wants to call on Fridays because they’re aware they’re not going to get a useful answer until the next week anyways.

The problem is…I’m still an hourly employee…somehow.  That means that while I listen to my kids playing joyfully in the next room, I’m stuck here pouring through spreadsheets in an effort to find something that every other single person in the company missed when they went through the same spreadsheets (I like hyperbole, you had better, too).  Something about spreadsheets set to the soundtrack of epic kid battle just makes work that much more difficult to focus on…you know, more than it already was…which was already pretty damned difficult.

But I press on, ensuring that I use my final day of the week to be yet as productive as ever, and secretly cursing my wife for her four day workweek.  And also wondering if I can get out my NERF gun for a quick battle with my son before I have to duck back into my office for that ten minute call that apparently no one could fit into their day during the rest of the week.


But to be really honest, I still love Fridays.  If I could have someone watch the kids in my house, I’d have them here every day of the week.  Something about there being some happy noises amid the whining that I hear during the workday seems to make things go by faster and happier.  And…if I’m ever having a bad moment, I can just run out of my office, give my kids a quick hug and a kick in the butt, and return to work.  Seems a ton more efficient than destroying everything in my office in a fit of rage over being asked yet another stupid question, right? 😉

Best part about Fridays is that they are the only day of the week where I get to sleep in past seven and typically have coffee waiting for me as I finally open my eyes.

That I can dig.

I need more Fridays.  🙂

Have fun out there!


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