Fat Mogul vs. Fast Food

from med-health.net
from med-health.net

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve ever had any sort of real battle with weight issues.  I mean, I’ve always tried to keep fairly active, but even when I go into a slump and do nothing at all, my weight doesn’t generally fluctuate all that much.  Heck, I’m still the same basic weight (give or take 5-10 pounds) as I was throughout high school.  Sure, there may not be quite as much muscle mass as back then or anything…but we’ll leave that discussion for another day.

I grew up during what I like to consider fast food’s true boon.  During my childhood, it seemed that there were more new fast food chains popping up everywhere than I’ve seen since…and I’m fairly certain throughout most of prior history.  In fact, today, I’ve seen more chains close or get kicked out of an area than I’ve seen actually pop up.  Except Subway…those are becoming my town’s Waffle House…

Needless to say, I grew up watching ads for and eating a ton of fast food.  I’m not saying my parents took us out every night.  Far to the contrary.  Going out was much more of a special event when I was a kid, and my parents boycotted at least one fast food restaurant during my entire childhood.  But I still managed to eat my fair share.

As I got older and started having to fend for myself, fast food was the majority of what I found myself craving.  A double quarter pounder with cheese was the ultimate, in my book…until even better things came along, like the Monster Burger… or when I finally became aware of Culver’s’ butter burgers…or when I realized that you could get amazing burgers from townie bars…or…

Let’s just say that a burger and fries might quite possibly be my favorite thing to eat.  I’m actually somewhat embarrassed about this, due to my general tendency to consider myself something of a foodie.  I hate the title, but I like to try new foods and really enjoy those expensive special meals that don’t generally involve ketchup.

Once I found out that my wife and I were going to have a kid (the first one), I began to realize my own age, and my own mortality, and, even more importantly, the need for me to craft something of a good role model version of myself (something I’m still desperately trying to create).  As such, I began a path of trying to make myself healthier.  I forced myself to eat fruits and vegetables, I took out the regular routine of hitting up a drive-thru, and I really, overall, tried to just eat much more healthfully than I had ever done in the past.  At this point I was still a regular at a couple places, but I was making a dedicated attempt to cut back.

As time went on and my wife finally gave birth to our first kid, I found myself in the roundest shape I had ever been in (because when your wife says she wants a milkshake at 10pm, you might as well pick one up for yourself as well).  Again, I found reason to try to increase the health of my choices.  I cut back even further on fast food and then came the even harder thing to cut out…soda.  Realizing that many of my pudgy friends had found great success losing weight by cutting soda out of their diets, when many other options had completely failed, I knew that this would be a big deal.  And it has been….but man was that first summer without soda brutal.

Fast forward several years, and I’ve found myself in something of a comfortable place.  Last summer, I was finally getting myself slimmed back down to where I wanted to be, I was feeling healthy, awake, and overall just pretty darn awesome.  And apparently I just completely gave up on all those thoughts of healthfulness.  I mean, it’s not like I’m going out for fast food every day, and soda is still not a regular occurrence either…but something happened when once again I’m finding myself getting rounder.  It could be that my wife is getting rounder (with child, I remind you) and I’m just allowing myself to eat whatever random sweets she craves for…but as I look down at the remains of the medium-sized Monster Burger combo with a giant soda that I got because Hardee’s was on the way back from the DMV…I can’t help but think that I may have back slid a little more than I should.

So…fast food, soda, and all those other horrible things that like to turn me into a spherical object…I have to stop you, once again…

Good thing for me is that I have yet to actually get to that point where this stuff is amazing.  By that, I mean, although I love cheeseburgers and french fries, I much prefer the infinitely more healthy ones I make at home than the one that’s currently burning a hole through my stomach.

And…of course, the worst thing about all this is that it’s currently summer in Wisconsin…that short period of time where you can get all sorts of amazing fresh food pretty much anywhere you go, as long as you don’t go to a fast food restaurant.

And now I’m disappointed in myself too 😦


But seriously…when did I start getting so round again?

Have fun out there!


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