Book Review: My Life Without Me by Jaclyn Aurore

917Bt3zgmkL._SL1500_Frequent mogulers will recognize the name of the author of this book.  Jaclyn Aurore is a pretty regular friend of the blog, as well as a friend of my own.  As one of the first author friends I made when exploring the cyber-sectors of author-dom, Jaclyn has been a great source of inspiration.  She’s always been there helping to promote other authors’ work as well as giving them her insight into how they could make their stuff better and how they might be able to find a place to sell them.

That being said, outside of reading her book about pixies a while back, Britney Fairweather and the Memory Thieves, her work has somehow never actually managed to make it onto my kindle…a fact that I was happy to rectify when she asked if I’d be willing to give her most recent release a look.

My Life Without Me is one of the books of hers I was first aware of back when we met online ages back.  Although it constitutes a romance novel, I remember being instantly drawn to it due to its subject matter of amnesia as well as the overarching theme of intrigue, things that I don’t generally recognize as being staples of the romance genre.  However, much like the protagonist of the book itself, I didn’t remember much of the bit I had read when I finally got to read the finished version.  And I was quite happily surprised.

My Life Without Me starts off right in the thick of the action.  Jamie is in the midst of one of her fits of knowing completely nothing about what’s going on, completely lost, so bad, in fact, that she doesn’t even remember her first name.  Suddenly, a man appears, a beautiful man, who instantly shows love for her and they share an intimate moment in the bathroom alone as she is at her most weakest.

If you’re thinking this sounds like fairly traditional romance novel fair, you may be right, but Aurore changes things up rather quickly from there, letting you know that Harlequin’s got nothing on her.  In fact, things don’t seem to ever quite fully click between the heroine and her male suitor.  Throughout the entirety of the novel we seem to watch as they battle this irresistible attraction they share.  This isn’t a tale of throbbing members and damsels in distress, this is a tale of a strong woman trying to figure out what happened to her life.  If it weren’t for the fact that this book seems to work with many of the standard tropes of the romance genre, I’d be more convinced that this is a mystery.

But where this story truly shines is with the basic concept of amnesia.  Suffering from an odd series of selective amnesia that appears to allow her to excel as school, but not remember conversations that happened minutes prior, or an entire summer, or even her own name, Jamie is a mystery from the very start of the novel.  The odd connection between her and her relationship with Callum (the aforementioned hot male) and a popular novel within their world called My Life Without Me, serves to only further increase the overall sense that one must reach the end of the book to figure out what’s going on, and to figure out if their fated ending is what will truly happen.

I’ll admit, I’m not the intended audience for romance novels of any kind.  However, even with that in mind, this was a very quick, fun, and enjoyable read for me, and one that I think fans of the genre will absolutely adore.  The writing is fresh, the dialogue is believable, and overall, the story is unique.  Check it out!


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