Help me Reach my Goal (or Fat Mogul vs. Sales Goals)

click the pic to be taken to an article about how I should not be writing this article... ;-)
click the pic to be taken to an article about how I should not be writing this article… 😉

I’m on the verge of meeting my first ever sales goal, people!

That’s right.  Back when I started putting out books, I made a sales goal for myself, one that I knew would take a while to make, 30 books over the course of a thirty day period.  In other words, I wanted to be able to sell the equivalent of a book a day.

Right now, as of this precise moment that I’m typing this sentence, as in I’m pausing right now to do an official count, I’m sitting at 24 books sold over the last 30 days.  That means I’m currently only 6 books away from my goal.  A push over the course of this month (so, you know, the last 12 days) has had me actually exceeding my book a day goal, meaning that out of those 24 books, 19 have been sold in 12 days.

If you’re involved in sales of any sort, you’re probably saying the same thing I should be saying…those numbers are low.  They are, but when you’re dealing with an oversaturated market that is filled with multitudes of people who are flooding every marketing option with their own crap, not to mention the whole issue with battling against the big dogs who put way more money than I can afford behind their own authors…and I feel pretty darned special.

Part of this (almost)win comes to you courtesy of the new Kindle Unlimited program, which is definitely bringing new readers to the fold.  On top of that, there’s a sale going on for both The Legend of Buddy Hero and The Agora Files right now, both books currently sitting at $1.99 (they were cheaper yesterday…sorry).

And I’ve actually attempted to be a little more shameless than usual (look at this post, for instance).

So, if you want to see me make my goal, and you have friends who like to read…who like cheap books, send them on over to my author page.  Right now they can get Daddy of the Dead for less than a buck, The Legend of Buddy Hero and The Agora Files for less than 2.  And, of course, there’s always the new guy, Rise of the Fat Mogul, who, since he’s new, is stuck at the $5 price point…but I promise you it’s worth every penny.

This is me getting shameless folks…If you reward it, you do run the risk of me doing it again…but…I’m already feeling a little dirty, so..probably not.

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me though, and I’m trying to get through finishing the first draft of The Agora Files Part 2 this week, so I’m out.

Have fun out there!


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