Fat Mogul vs #LASIK

0043I just realized this morning that it’s been exactly 8 months since I went in and had lasers shot at my eyes…well, 8 months yesterday anyways.  The thing is…it’s not like I actually sat around and thought, “Hmm…wonder how long it’s been since my eyes got lasered” or anything.  No, I received an e-mail from the folks who sliced and diced my eyes stating that I should tell my friends about the glorious discounts they could receive through me, should they want to have their eyes corrected as well.  Don’t worry, this isn’t a marketing piece…if you want discounts, I can hook you up…of course, so can anyone else out there.  If you’re not getting your LASIK discounted, you’re doing it wrong.

Anyways, here’s the thing…I frequently forget about the fact that I got my eyes fixed.  After nearly 30 years of wearing glasses and/or contacts and being absolutely completely incapable of doing anything without some form of optical assistance, I don’t need it anymore…and I somehow just completely forgot that I ever did.

For instance: for ~thirty years, the first thing I would do every morning would be to grab my glasses so I would be certain not to injure myself on the way to the bathroom.  Sure, there were a couple months in which I still reached for my glasses before getting out of bed, but that impulse is completely removed from my routine.

Example #2: Glasses tend to slip, especially when it’s hot out.  In fact, adjusting how your glasses sit on your face is a pretty standard thing to do when wearing a pair, not to mention constantly cleaning them due to all the detritus that flies in your face throughout the day.  Although there were again a couple months where I would find myself attempting to push my non-existent glasses up against my eyes better, that is yet another example of something I just don’t do anymore.

But most importantly, I just completely forget that I ever wore glasses, or, possibly more accurately, I completely forget about the fact that it is an absolute miracle that I can go about my day with perfect vision, never needing to worry about keeping something on my face or placed directly on my eyeballs.  I can see…and it’s incredible.

Of course…there are a few things about being free-eyeballed that I still need to learn about.  For example, when cutting a tree limb from above your head, it might be worthwhile to wear a pair of protective goggles to avoid getting the falling saw dust in your eyes.  I never had to think about such things when I wore glasses.  My eyes were constantly protected (sure, not as fully as actual protective eyewear) from things like this.  Just about a month ago, I found myself cursing myself because of this exact issue.  Sawdust in the eye really freaking hurts, btw.

One of the things I was asked most frequently immediately following my procedure was the one that I would ask anyone I found who had done it before I finally made the plunge.  “Was it worth it?”  I would usually answer somewhat wishy-washy, because right after getting your eyes lasered, there’s a lot that goes into the healing process.  Your vision will sometimes randomly get blurry, your eyes are constantly dry, and there’s the whole issue with random halos around every single light ever (especially at night…so much so that I couldn’t drive at night for at least four months).  There were enough reminders that I had done something to my vision that there were more than a few times where I even questioned whether or not it was a good idea.  I mean…I love road trips and suddenly I found myself afraid that I may never get to drive at night ever again.

But here I am, eight months out, and the only things that remind me that I’ve even had anything done to my eyes are random e-mails from the folks who did my eyes and stupid things like not wearing appropriate protective eyewear.  Something completely amazing was done to my eyes, something that I long dreamed about as a possibility throughout most of my remembered life.  And I forget that it ever happened because my eyes still work like normal…well…technically they work better than normal, but we’re considering the norm to be “with glasses”.  Sure, I may have a very slight astigmatism, something which I could convince them to correct for free, should I want to go under the laser yet again.  But here’s the thing…I don’t even notice it.  My vision is as good as ever…and I don’t even have to do anything about it.

It’s pretty damned awesome.  And if you have ever struggled with glasses or contacts or whatever else, I would definitely say that it’s worth it.  It’s expensive, I basically killed my personal fun budget for the next two years in order to pay for it, but it’s worth it.

And now, even more importantly, I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse.  Should the zombies come, I ain’t going to be reaching for no glasses.  And I don’t have to be afraid of them being lost forever and causing me to have to wander through the world as a basic blind man for the rest of my life either, in the world after Lens Crafters.  Nope…I’m ready.

Of course, I should probably start some sort of running regimen so that I can actually get away from them after I see them, huh?

Have fun out there!


2 Replies to “Fat Mogul vs #LASIK”

  1. Are you constantly putting in eye drops? I’m too chicken to LASIK, so I got those night & day contacts that you only have to take out once per month.
    Also now considering a stockpile for the zombie apocalypse…

    1. nope, barely ever put in eyedrops now, outside of times I would have done it before the LASIK (eg. allergy season, heavily chemicaled pools)

      I honestly have very few reminders that my eyes are any different than they’ve always been…and I don’t have to deal with the constant eye irritation that I always felt with contacts. I wore contacts for years and hated them every minute.

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