Fat Mogul vs. Comic-Con

1779106_10152231113642375_1132696830_nThe San Diego Comic Convention has been around for a lot longer than I have (you know, a little over a decade longer).  But for longer than I can remember it’s been a place that I longed to visit.  As the nerds take over, that becomes even more true.  What used to be a non-spectacle of bespectacled fellows looking for rare back issues of their favorite comic books has now become a pop culture phenomenon so large that it is the place for entertainment folks to make their big announcements about everything.

Comic conventions in general have become so huge, in fact, that the New York Comic Con announced this year that they would be putting on a separate event where the focus would be purely on comic books.  That’s right…the Comic Con is not the actual comic book event, it’s the pop culture event.

And the SDCC is the convention to beat all conventions.

And once a year, every year, I have to sit behind my computer and enjoy it from afar, eagerly trying to dissect all of the information coming from a multitude of sources to try and figure out what the real big events of the year will be.

I want to go to there…

Of course, just like comic book conventions themselves, my reasons for wanting to go have changed over the years.  No longer do I want to go to a dank room filled with sweaty awkward males and dig through comic books (well…I mean, I kind of want to, but not enough to actually visit the comic convention that happens within my own city).  No, I want to be a part of the spectacle.  Not necessarily, you know, a part of the spectacle, but amid the spectacle, spectating the spectacle from within the spectacle and thereby being a spectacle-spectator-inspector…or something.

Comic book conventions have become, in many ways, very similar to the interior of the books they were initially created as an ode to.  Colorfully costumed characters are everywhere and lights and sounds and krakakooms and whizbangs and whatever else surround the halls of these convention centers for however long the nerds decide to descend on an area…But the comic books themselves seem to no longer be of importance…or at least of a severely lesser importance.

But the subject matter of these comic books are still highly regarded.  The talks of the town are still DC and Marvel, but the reason we’re talking about them is because of their movies and TV shows and how they’re taking these characters that the world has known and adored for over 50 years and giving them the fresh looks they deserve…on the screen…with tons of money behind them to make them look good.

And they look damned good.

I can’t help but think to The Rise of the Fat Mogul as I watch this weekend’s event unfurl.  The SDCC provided a great deal of inspiration for one of the earlier scenes in this book as it examines how superheroes would fit in a world obsessed with the idea of fictional superheroes…and then get the real version thrust in their faces (figuratively, not literally…sorry ladies 😉 )

I mean…what would be the response if Superman came flying through the ceiling at the SDCC today?

Like, the real for real Superman that we didn’t know existed…

I have a feeling that the building might implode in the ensuing madness…but, I suppose you should read the book to find out my true thoughts.

And, you know, to see how Buddy and Zero and the rest of the New Defenders take on the comic convention in true superhero style.  I’ll give you a hint…they aren’t there to collect comic books.

Anyways..I just decided to use my little nerdgasm moment as a promo for the book (coming out in less than a week, folks)…sorry about that.

Have fun out there!  And enjoy the weekend.


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