Fat Mogul vs. The Boy(‘s Birthday!)

10494647_10100806075301026_2650505444486589700_nI know I just had a chat about my son on here a couple days ago, but that was, officially, more about my new son, the one still percolating, even if I discussed my fulled baked son more in there than anything else.

But I have to give him his proper focus, because today that little goofy dude turns 3!

I mean, that’s crazy.

This dude was still wearing diapers on a daily basis just a few weeks ago (yeah, he took to official potty training like a champ and is about to be given the opportunity to give bedtime a go without an absorbent pad strapped around his wiener).  And now he’s three!

And he’s excited about it, too.  The grin on his face as me and Mrs. Mogul sang the requisite song for those who are celebrating the anniversary of their great escape was priceless.  He’s been waiting for this day for months, and it finally came and he can officially add that new finger to the group he holds up whenever he’s asked how old he is.

Sheesh…three years old…

So, anyways, here’s my little ode to my little dude.  He’s a champion.  Over the past year he’s developed into an official little person, taking on his own persona.  I couldn’t imagine life without him, even if I really wish he’d finish this tantrum phase sometime soon…

Happy birthday little dude!

Have fun out there!


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