Fat Mogul vs. The Heat

from storyvilleapparel.com. Click the pic to go there.
from storyvilleapparel.com. Click the pic to go there.

I grew up in South Carolina, so when Wisconsin reaches these astronomical temperatures of 94 (granted the heat index may have been up to 120), I can’t help but feel incredibly weak for complaining about it.  And the truth of the matter is, I do actually enjoy the heat…but I also enjoy a bit of reprieve from it as well.

My house is old.  It has no air conditioning (save the one window unit I finally installed last night due to my wife’s need to conserve some of her internal moisture to provide for her gestating baby…not at all because of my own needs).  And it really has no insulation from the outside.  In fact, it’s typically hotter in my house (during the summer) than outside.  And I work from home.

So, when I say it’s hot, it’s not that I’m complaining about the ten foot walk out to my car, it’s because of the fact that I spend my entire day trying to keep sweat from ruining yet another keyboard as I write stories about people who also just so happen to be sweating, albeit from activities slightly more strenuous than sitting behind a desk complaining about the heat.

Once again, I’d like to reiterate that I love the heat.  I can handle it much better than I can the cold.  In fact, just yesterday, when it was apparently hot enough to buckle the highways, I made sure to spend some time working on the tree limb I’ve been trying to saw down for the past couple days.  Sure, I may have become a pile of liquid while doing so, but it’s because I love the heat.

That being said…my family and I retreated to Target after for an hour or so yesterday, not as much for the minor amount of shopping that needed to be done (although we did get the birthday shopping completed for the boy), but so as to enjoy their frigid air conditioning.

I’m starting to think someone should come up with an app for folks to find the closest and best air conditioned retail establishments…developers, make sure I get a cut of that.

Anyways…it’s hot, and I’m finding that in my old age, I react to heat not nearly as well as I did as a youth.  So, I’ve decided that for the rest of the summer, I shall spend my time in the shower with cold water running over me.  If you are one of the folks who have been waiting for my next couple books to come out, you’ll just have to wait until my monitor stops melting.

Have fun out there, outside the coldness of my shower.

I’m actually not feeling all the hot, but the fact that yesterday caused the highway to actually buckle made me think I might as well complain about it.  Surprisingly enough, a fan can do a whole lot towards making it feel almost not fire-like 😉  Also, I really had nothing else to talk about today…


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