Fat Mogul vs. July 14th

2_0160Yep…still July…still the mushiest month…

7 years ago this very day marked a day I really would have never expected to come…my wedding day.  When I met my wife, I was not thinking about long term relationships, in fact, I was attempting to stay away from any sort of romantic entanglements…yet somehow, over a decade later, we’re still together…and married…and expecting our third kid…and our fights still mostly involve debates about which movie was better and whether or not future occurrences will be positive or negative.

I don’t want to negate what happened during the pre-marriage years of our relationship, but they were, in comparison to the post marriage years, rather uneventful.  I mean, in these last 7 years, we’ve traveled the world, we’ve given birth (she did most of the work) to two amazing children, we’ve bought a house, cars, and whole boat-load of stuff, we’ve found our professional lives taking off in ways we would have never expected, we’ve built, we’ve broken, we’ve refinished, we’ve walked, talked, and learned.  And that’s just the good stuff.

The last seven years have been much more than just a married life…it’s been a learning life, a growing life…a new life.

It’s been a great life.

And although a birthday weekend that has done nothing but completed exhausted all 4.5 of us, meaning we will be doing very little to celebrate the actual day of our union, it will not go by unnoticed.

And I’m quite eager to see what happens with the next seven years…

Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Mogul.



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