Fat Mogul vs. The Five Year Old

uncharacteristically actually having a pacifier in her mouth while she writes The Legend of Buddy Hero for me...um...I mean, while she helps me write it, of course
uncharacteristically actually having a pacifier in her mouth while she writes The Legend of Buddy Hero for me…um…I mean, while she helps me write it, of course

DISCLAIMER: July is the mushiest of months…this post officially starts that troublesome time of the year.

It finally happened…my daughter, as of today, has reached the half-a-decade milestone.  She’s a whole hand old and, well, it makes me feel as though a certain part of my youth is gone.  I mean, starting this fall, she’ll be going off to school every day instead of daycare.  She’ll be beginning her actual little kid life.  I mean, the time around when I turned five are some of my most clear earliest memories.  From here on out I can’t simply pretend that she’ll just forget about whatever parenting fails I have…she’ll remember.  (Of course, if you’ve met my daughter, you probably realize there’s one thing about her that this doesn’t actually consider…she always remembers.  I mean, holy crap, that kid remembers EVERYTHING)

Since this blog is technically about me and all that, not only did five years ago begin my life as a father, it began my life as an author.  The impending birth of my daughter brought along the impetus needed to actually sit down and write the book I had been waffling about writing for forever.  The idea being that I wanted to do something I could be proud of, be something I could actually want to tell my daughter about, as opposed to being just another drone.

The last five years have been pretty darned awesome.  But the one thing I have to say is that more than anything else, my daughter has helped me become a better person, the person that I wanted to be, but just couldn’t get up the willpower to be without her added pushing.  I eat better, I live better, I’m more active, I try to push myself harder toward goals, and overall, I try to be the person I want to teach her to be.  And if I have a bad habit I want to get rid of, all I have to do is tell her to tell me to stop everytime she catches me.  There’s something about having your daughter telling you to stop doing something that definitely has a little extra oomph to it.

Five years though, man…it’s crazy.  It’s crazy to think it’s even been that long.  I mean, it feels as though I’ve been a father for forever…but it also just feels like yesterday when I finally got to hold that little girl in my arms and wrestle my glasses away from her meat hooks that the doctors assured me were actually hands.

But now, here I am teaching her how to read, how to craft a story, how to play video games, who the coolest superheroes are, how best to battle effectively, how to steal cookies without getting caught, how to get her brother into trouble, and all that crap; while she still teaches me that sometimes I need to just stop working and have a little playtime.

It’s pretty cool.

And I can’t wait for the next one to come along to start that whole process once again…

Have fun out there!


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