Fat Mogul vs. Vacation Recovery

DSC_0310It’s a rather well-known concept, the idea that coming home from a long time away causes the vacationer to have to spend even more time recovering from the vacation…you know, take a vacation from the vacation so as to finally feel fully relaxed or whatever.

This is especially true for my family, considering the way we typically like to vacation, in a thunderstorm of hyper-colored frenzy, hopping from one activity to the next in a rage of “doing all the things”.

The one situation where this really shouldn’t be true, however, is our fourth of July festivities, where we typically spend a few days out in the middle of the Northwoods and, well, do very little.  In fact, I typically do even less than the rest of my family.  That’s how little we do.

Yet, maybe it’s due to sleeping on an air mattress in a tent out in the cold nights of northern Wisconsin, maybe it’s the late nights of shooting off fireworks and drinking whatever alcohol hits the spot at the moment, maybe it’s the even later nights of just sitting around an watching whatever television my father in law decides he wants to watch when the sports end…but I still find myself completely exhausted coming home from these things.

I might even be willing to say that I’m even more exhausted than when we head off for a week at Disney World.  Although that’s probably a lie conjured up from the fact that I just got back from fourth of July weekend and it’s been over a year since we’ve done a crazy vacation like that (although that one involved a hefty dose of everyone-having-mono).  But there is something to it.  When we go on those crazed touring vacations where we spend every waking hour trying to take in all of the sights, my brain is over-saturated with stimulus and my body is constantly in motion, meaning that when I finally find a bed to rest my head, I pass the hell out…until, of course, waking early the next morning to start it all over  again. But each day I’m completely defeated and my body rests at its maximum ability.

I woke up with a call to nature at about 3am each night this past weekend…that doesn’t happen on our other vacations.

But there is something rather amazing that does happen during these tranquil nights in the middle of the trees, coyotes, and mosquitoes.  My brain actually manages to shut down.  For one of the few times in my life, I get to the point where I’m not overwhelmed with thoughts about all of the things I should be doing, could be doing, want to be doing…I just sit down and shut off.

My brain actually gets the rest it all too well deserves…until, of course, 3am, right around the time my body has filled my bladder with processed beer.

Now, don’t get that I’m complaining here or anything.  Actually, it’s all the more different than that.  Now that I’m back home, I can go right back to working my mind and body to the dregs of energy and getting that well-deserved rest I need from three nights of uncomfortable sleep.  And…my brain’s feeling all the more refreshed to get some writing done…of which I have a ton to do, so…you know…I’m going to go take care of that now.

Have fun out there!


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