Fat Mogul vs. Administration

coverIn case you weren’t aware, I’ve been hard at work putting together the early chapters of The Agora Files Part 2 for the past week.  Unfortunately, hard at work means that I’m a mere 5,000 words deep.

This isn’t for lack of imagination.  No, in actuality, I’ve been struggling to keep my word count down to a mere thousand per writing day.  This is for one simple fact…if I didn’t limit it, I wouldn’t be getting any of the other important stuff done.  No, I don’t mean refreshing the Amazon rankings page to see if any of my books are going up in the ranks (right now, the answer is no).  I mean things like getting The Rise of the Fat Mogul ready for release, which includes the polishing notes I’ve been getting back from happy beta readers, working with my graphic designer (yes, the amazing Amanda Obenhoffer) about how we can make an awesome cover for Fat Mogul that matches the idea of the first book’s cover, getting some love thrown Daddy of the Dead’s way, blogs, book review blogs, chatting up fellow authors, making new connections, minor attempts at marketing, and, of course, refreshing to see if my Amazon rank has gone up at all.  (To be honest, I haven’t checked in a few days…it’s not as exciting after the initial bumps).

In other words…I’m doing way too much, and most of it isn’t the fun stuff.  Although yesterday (and later today, I hope) I’ve been getting in some good work on the book I’m creating with my 4-year old daughter…and it’s shaping up to be, well, let’s call it the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen…paired with some words written by me that hardly do the whole thing any justice.

We ain’t plotting this thing out too heavily or anything, just getting together and talking about what the next page should be as she goes off and colors it and whatever.  And it’s adorable.  I offer suggestions on what I think it could be, including doing a little sketch of my idea…and she comes back with an even better idea, and we work together on it, me giving her the couple of pointers I have on how to tell a story with a picture, and her ultimately doing what she’s supposed to be doing…being 4 and drawing pictures.

I actually wish I could just sit down with her and knock that whole thing out in an afternoon…if only life weren’t so full of these other obligations.

Anyways, because of that, and the fact that this is a short week due to the great holiday weekend impending, I’m keeping this post short.  I’ve got work to do.

But enjoy the glimpse at where my project with Little Miss Mogul is going…



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