Fat Mogul vs. Book Covers

This morning I’m feeling the need to give some massive happy hugs and whatnot to my graphic designer, Amanda Obenhoffer.

You see…she’s the one who makes all the glorious covers for my books.  If you’ve ever seen my book and judged it purely by the cover, you have her to thank…and…well, if you’ve ever read the interior of the books, you know that the covers are a whole lot better ;-).

But here’s the thing…although I’ve never actually fancied myself a graphic designer, I’ve definitely done my share of photoshopping over the years.  In fact, I’d like to think I’m rather good at it…it’s the design part that I’m not so good at.

So, before I finally decided that I should buckle down and actually pay someone for actual beautiful art for my covers, I spent a great deal of time trying to design my own, specifically for The Legend of Buddy Hero.  In fact, for those of you who have really been paying attention, I actually released a really bad version of the book with an alternate cover a few years before I finally felt the book was truly worth releasing (worth millions now, I’m sure.  I’ve got a few copies of that one if you’re looking for a great investment…).

I thought today might be a great day to show off how my books might have looked, had Amanda not so graciously agreed to make my books look beautiful, instead of…well…like this:

I even threw in my little promo cover for The Agora Files…just so you’d have an idea.  And these aren’t even close to all of the covers I built…many appear to be missing, for reasons I can’t explain.  I do have to admit that I’m still rather partial to the first one above…but it just doesn’t have the visual beauty that Amanda’s do…In fact, just for Buddy Hero alone, she provided a whopping 10 cover options!  So we can have a little more beauty to this ug-fest, why don’t I share a few of those to give you an idea of what a difference a good designer can make.

When she first sent over the file of covers, I was so crazed with excitement that I had absolutely no idea of how to choose.  In fact…I really didn’t want to choose the one that ended up being the hands-down favorite, simply because of my ugly mug hiding in the background.  And…I’m still rather preferential to the belt/emblem she made for the top center piece.

In the end…Amanda rocks and if you’re looking for someone to make you look good, she’s the one to do it.  I mean, who else could have known that the cover shown below is exactly what I wanted when I didn’t tell her anything of the sort?

Daddy of the Dead_Front Cover

Alright kids, have fun out there!  And if you want Amanda, just shoot me a note.  I’ll definitely get you in touch!


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