Fat Mogul vs. #amwriting

amwritingFacebook followers know the goods…the first words have been written for The Agora Files Part 2.  The first ~1000 words, to be slightly more precise.  I actually could have written a heckuva lot more than that.  Those first thousand came out simply, and, well, let’s just say that if the energy that happened in the first few pages continues, I really see no reason why this book should take any time to write whatsoever.  Seriously…those first few pages are usually the worst.  These came out without any trouble.

Unfortunately, I’ve decided to keep to my lower word count goals at the moment as I work on getting a couple of minor things (like putting together the edits for The Rise of the Fat Mogul) done.  It’s not easy to keep from spending entire days writing it though.  I’m really excited for the direction this book is taking, even from the minor differences between plotted action and the stuff I wrote yesterday…

So…if you didn’t see it on Facebook, here’s the first five words of AF2: “I scream out in agony…”

I think it’s a pretty great way to open, don’t you?  If only you knew why….

I’m being serious when I say that I’m happy with where this is all headed and I can’t wait to get it into your hands…of course, I say that about everything, don’t I?  I guess I’m a pretty proud writer like that.

Anyhoo…with the fact that I’m just starting the first draft of this sucker and have a whole host of other items I’m attempting to get taken care of at the same time..not to mention work, house cleaning, and family life….I’m keeping this one short.  I’ve got a lot of work to meet my book release goals for this year.  I’ve got three more books to finish.  Luckily two of those three are already written.

Have fun out there!


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