Fat Mogul vs. Scheduling

MjAxMy02OWZkYzI5YjJmNTU3NGEwAs I sit in my chair on this Monday morning, I’m finding myself rather overwhelmed.  At this very moment, I’m still working on release-style marketing efforts for Daddy of the Dead (as well as some Agora Files part 1 marketing-type stuff), reviewing beta notes for The Rise of the Fat Mogul (which early reports are claiming it to be a whole heckuva lot awesome-er than The Legend of Buddy Hero), and I’m still compiling my notes from my read through of Agora Files Part 1 for use in starting writing Part 2…which I was intending to do last Monday.

In other words…I’m way behind schedule.  Heck, I had planned on having Rise of the Fat Mogul out before summer officially started…summer has now officially started.

I’m not complaining, by any means.  As an author, I’m happy to announce that I have yet to reach the end of my inspirations.  This weekend, in fact, I added yet another two notes to my ever-increasing pile of notes for future stories, while also getting some fantastic ideas on how to ‘plus’ The Rise of the Fat Mogul and, well, you know, just being excited to get more stories out to you.

But I’m behind…and I’m rather unhappy with myself about it.  I could give the excuses that I’m a father of two who is involved in his children’s lives; I work a 40 hour a week job; I try to be of some use around the house as a cleaner-type-person…you know…all those things that really amount to just being alive.  I could give them.  I’m not.  I’m just really bad at scheduling.  When I’m working on a project, what I’m most excited about is when I can finally place it out into the world.  Take Daddy of the Dead, for instance.  I pushed back the release on that thing hundreds of times, initially hoping to make it a short story that would only take a month, tops, to get out into the world. That was back when the roads were still covered in snow and ice and it was gross out there (hence the setting of the dead of winter for the book).  Instead, it took me until June to get it out.  Granted, it was 4 times as long as intended, but still…I fell behind.

Luckily for me (not for you, if you’re one of those who eagerly anticipates my next book dropping), as a self-published author, deadlines don’t really matter.  My following is still small enough that mostly I just have to apologize to my parents because they’re still waiting to hear about what happens to Cyrus in the next book (yeah…we all know…everyone just wants to know what happens to The Geek, right?).  Actually, I’m pretty sure that if I don’t get AF2 out before the end of the year, there’s a few women at my childhood church that will have my head 😉

But what’s really bad for me is that I just can’t wait to get working on the next book.  I’m already working on the next three books in my head.  Sure, AF2 is fresh in my mind, but immediately following that, I’ve got another standalone title about a man in the woods who decides to make his own country, and then, following that, Buddy 3…That doesn’t even account for the little collaboration project I’m doing with my daughter, which is moving forward much too slowly for my own liking (and her’s)…perhaps this weekend we’ll have to put in some solid time toward getting that together.

My issue with scheduling?  That I just can’t get all my writing done fast enough…perhaps some day when I am doing this as my full time gig…but I have a feeling I’ll never quite make it where I’m able to write faster than my brain considers the next project.

So…for those of you eagerly awaiting the news that writing on AF2 has officially begun…well, I had intended on it taking longer to hear back from my beta readers (who are, by all accounts, flying through Buddy 2).  And I still haven’t finished my readthru of AF1…  All the same…take it with a grain of salt, but I’m fully intending to be able to tell you all what the first words of AF2 are before this week’s hump.

Because I really want to start working on this first chapter.  It’s going to be epic (I hope…)

Alright, so, let’s stop wasting time and get back to work.

Have fun out there!


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