Fat Mogul vs. The Update

actually finally allowed windows update to reboot my computer just this morning.  snagged from themetapicture.com.  click to go
actually finally allowed windows update to reboot my computer just this morning. snagged from themetapicture.com. click to go

It’s been awhile since I’ve given any major updates on here, so I figured it was just about time.  Especially considering the fact that book releases are upon us!  Actually, just now, after typing that first sentence, I came to the realization that I’m supposed to be releasing my zombie novella, Daddy of the Dead next week!  Holy crapola, amiright?  I’ve been so busy finishing up the polish work on The Rise of the Fat Mogul that I didn’t even realize how quickly June 19th was coming up…I’d better get on my designer to make sure we’re still on schedule (and also maybe finish designing the interior…)

So…yeah, that’s update number 1… in one week you will be able to get yourself a shiny new copy of my tiny little ode to being a father…which just so happens to have zombies.  The beta readers seem to keep coming back with one resounding response…they wish it were longer…which I’m taking to mean that they want more.

Update number 2: Last week found me finishing up the ‘final’ draft of The Rise of the Fat Mogul, the long awaited sequel to The Legend of Buddy Hero (also known as Book 2 of The Defenders Saga).  All this week I’ve been reading the sucker aloud to make sure that it all sounds like real words put together in ways that make sense.  I’ve been reading so much that I almost lost my voice yesterday.  I’ll finish up that process later today and get copies out to some beta readers…so, if you’re wanting to get an early look at my next book, let me know.  I’m always happy for more beta readers.  It gives you the chance to tell me what you like and what you don’t and then wait to see if I take your advice in the final version ;-).

Update number 3 (the one I get asked about the most):  The Agora Files Part 2.  That’s right folks, now that I’m finishing up The Rise of the Fat Mogul, I get to turn my attention to the series that everyone seems to be begging for the next book on.  This weekend I’m spending some time getting reacquainted with Cyrus, Eve, and The Geek, and by Monday I intend to start putting the first words to (electronic) paper of the continuing adventures of these fugitives.  I really can’t wait to get the rest of this story out.

Those are pretty much the main updates at this point.  I’ve got a few other things in the works, but unfortunately I can’t really say anything about them at this point, because if they don’t work out…well…then I’d be sad and have to come back on here sounding sad, instead of just being sad alone, right?

I’ll keep you in the know if they pan out, though.  In fact, you’ll be the first to know…outside of maybe my wife…depending on how I’m feeling.

That’s it for now, folks.  Hope you have a ton o’ fun out there today!


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