Fat Mogul vs. The Summer Body

I’ve waffled on what to do for a picture here…I considered showcasing my current gut in a way of illuminating my current issues…I decided that would cause too much discussion regarding whether or not its an acceptable amount of gut, instead of a realization of what this topic is truly about…How winter can really kill a person’s body.

That’s not truly the case.  There’s plenty one can do during the winter, such as ice skating, indoor running, swimming (again, indoor), basketball (indoor), soccer (indoor…get the point yet), snow shoeing, skiing, and so on and so forth.  There’s plenty.  However, when it becomes negative anything degrees outside (talking farenheit here, folks) I just don’t want to go out the door… especially considering that doesn’t usually account for the wind…the disgusting wind.

Last year, I began a process of regular exercise, sit ups, push ups, and walking, pretty much, that, by the end of fall had me nearing my dream body shape…well, okay, not my dream body shape, but something much closer to what I had as a youth, instead of this old man roundness that keeps cropping up.  But then winter came along and suddenly, 97 months later, I’m back where I started, trying to develop a routine once again.

Now, I’ll admit (once again) I could have done a heckuva lot better on keeping to my routine during the winter.  There’s no one to blame here but myself.  But none of that seems to come to mind when I’m huddled for warmth underneath the sheet fort filling up my living room.  No…all that comes to warmth is, hey, those whales and whatnot use fat to keep warm,right?

But then summer comes along and not only am I pale (which doesn’t actually take all that long for me to correct yet, thank goodness my skin still likes me), but I’m also dealing with this shelf that I find myself questioning how it ever got back there…until I remember all the hot chocolate and movies I used to make it through winter.

So…at of today, I’ve begun my routine again, especially after being weighed in a couple weeks ago at a higher weight than I’ve ever officially been clocked at before.  Here’s hoping that I can keep to it through the next winter….or, you know, through next week even.

Exercise routines really suck.

Especially when you spend the other parts of your day sitting behind a desk dreaming up fantastical events involving people with less of a keg and more of a six pack…

Have fun out there!


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