Fat Mogul vs. The Weekend

although it may appear that my daughter was in a fist-fight, this is apparently what happens when mosquitoes think you taste like candy
although it may appear that my daughter was in a fist-fight, this is apparently what happens when mosquitoes think you taste like candy

Whoa, where the heck did that weekend go?

Those of you who aren’t following me on Facebook (which, come on, I say this enough already, maybe you should just bite the bullet and be my friend…) might not be aware that this past weekend was one in which my wife was off doing all sorts of magical and glorious things, whilst leaving me at home with the wee ones.

Before I get started, this isn’t a complaint.  I love my kids and all they were wanting to do this weekend was have fun, as opposed to typically where I have to beg them to leave the house for all but the most exciting of events.

That being said…I’m exhausted.

My kids had all sorts of plans for what they wanted to do with the weekend. And seeing as our weekends can all too often get filled with such boring things as grocery shopping and cleaning rooms, I figured we could do a full on summer weekend of fun, you know, without the boss around.

I need more coffee….stat…

It started simple enough.  They wanted Little Caesar’s pizza.  Mrs. Mogul is not a huge fan of the stuff (I really only still eat it for nostalgic purposes), and they just found out it existed.  So, for the past week or so, since they found out it existed and that mom doesn’t like it, they’ve been begging to have it when she left.  I couldn’t turn them down.

Of course, this started just a long excursion down the rabbit hole where they would want to do something and I would say yes.  From being up until 3am watching movies at the drive-in to an epic 3 hour showdown at the pool, we barely stopped from the moment Mom left until she got back.

Even an eye being swollen shut from too many bug bites (with a fat lip to match) wouldn’t stop them from wanting to party hard the whole time mom was gone.  And we didn’t even get to all of the things they wanted to do (I’m quite happy they forgot about the fair in Altoona…I don’t think I could have made it).

My kids, I believe, had a rather perfect weekend.  I, on the other hand, could really use another weekend to recuperate.


However, this week is busy.  No time for rest.  I’m onto the final (out-loud) read-thru of The Rise of the Fat Mogul before handing it off to beta readers, I’m getting responses back from the beta readers of Daddy of the Dead (meaning I’ve got some re-writing to do there, although not much…depending on whose advice I want to take), and a promise that covers will be arriving in a little over a week…and I haven’t even begun marketing for either of them….

I’m busy.

Which means I should get back to it….or just go to the pool again…

Have fun out there!


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