Book Review: Janine, Eggs and Lemons by Jesamine James

71PtPUd8jUL._SL1000_I’m still not quite certain how this book came across my plate.  I think it was suggested to me by a friend of a friend, but it may have been less convoluted than that.  All the same, I picked it up on a whim and it’s been sitting on my Kindle ever since.

I finally decided it was time to check this thing out, see what it was all about, although I hadn’t even read the damned blurb.

That can be dangerous, of course, but also can be rather interesting.  Let’s just say that I had absolutely no clue what I was getting into.  But it ended up being a rather awesome find.  Here’s my official review:

With a title like Janine, Eggs and Lemons, one probably has several different ideas of what this book might be about float through their head. I’d be hard pressed to believe anyone would have actually guessed it to be anything like the reality.

In Janine, Eggs and Lemons, we find an interesting take on courtroom drama, one that at the beginning seems to be rather standard, but throughout the course of the tale twists and turns until, at the very end, we find ourselves questioning how we would react to the same given set of circumstances. It’s a brilliant book in that it takes you through the process in such a way that you will end up thinking about the results of it for hours after putting the book down.

In fact, I finished it last night and I’m still trying to think of how all of the pieces would fit together if I were placed in the same situations as any of these characters.

It’s brilliantly clever and has caused me to be eager to see what else Ms. James has published. I’ll definitely be reading more!

Buy it now!


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