Book Review: The Girl on the Red Pillow by Angelika Rust

61vWEb72JGL._SL500_As promised…the third book review for this week.  Yeah…I know…let the groaning commence.  Who wants to read book reviews anymore, right?

Well shut up!  Because I like book reviews, and even more, I like talking about books I like.  And The Girl on the Red Pillow happens to be a book I LOVE.  I connected with this book from the first sentence and that connection continued on through the end.  Angelika manages to present depression so effectively that I actually found myself understanding more of my own battles.  But she doesn’t do it in some droll Freudian way where you find yourself wanting to fall asleep as your dreams and thoughts are all dissected on the page…No..she does it with dwarves and skeletons and zombies.  This book is, plan and simple, perfect.

I could probably go on extolling what I consider the virtues of this novella for way longer than the book itself actually is.  Instead, I’ll do the usual and post my official review here as well as a link or two.

Seriously though, if you’re looking for a quick fun read that also manages to make you think…this is the book for you.  It’s cheap…and it has a Blues Brothers reference.

Nothing I can say about this book will do my absolute love for it any justice. This book is simply something you must read.
A thinly veiled discussion about depression, The Girl on the Red Pillow does something I never thought possible, and definitely wouldn’t have thought possible in such an entertaining and engaging way: make depression humorous and interesting. Well…it doesn’t actually make depression humorous, but allows for humor to exist in a story about the topic.
From the first moment you get to meet the wall building dwarf, to the final moment when Annalee finally comes to terms with her depression and looks toward the future, you will be urged forward as you hope Annalee finds the answer to her troubles, especially if you’re someone who has dealt with their own wall-building dwarf.

Read this book. Plain and simple.

Buy it now!


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