Book Review: Odium II by Claire Riley

810eoLc10xL._SL1500_If you read this blog and have somehow managed to not pick up a copy of one of Claire’s books by now, you obviously are just here for the pictures of my adorable children.  However, if, somehow, you dig kickass books and have been ignoring my constant pressure to just get out there and read some of this woman’s horror titles…well…I really don’t know what more I can say.

That being said…here’s more praise for Riley and her words.

Seriously, when I first met Claire and became aware of her debut novel, I had little interest.  I mean, the author herself was quite interesting, a constant sort of energy and motivation, as well as someone who was always willing to tell you about other books she liked.  In fact, I think one of the first conversations I had with her was about an entirely different book by another author that she thought I should check out, based on her reading The Legend of Buddy Hero.  Anyways…once I actually started reading, I found out that genre alone cannot kill an author.  It’s based on their wordslinging.  And Riley’s one rootin’ tootin’ word slinger.

So, for such an upbeat person, I constantly find it interesting the dark subjects she takes on in her titles.  She’s hiding something…well…not hiding so much, since she’s putting it on display in her books, but you know what I mean.

Anyways, I finally got my hands on the sequel to Claire’s fantastic zombie novel, Odium, and lemme tell you, Odium II shows how Claire can truly shine, when she allows herself to just go crazy.  She’s beginning to build a world that almost has hope, even within the hopeless situation they are all in…it’s quite amazing.  I suggest you give this puppy a read posthaste.

Here’s my official review in case you’re still not convinced:

Taking off several months after the end of the original book, Odium II immediately shows you that there is no rest in sight for our heroine, Nina. From the first chapters, we are reintroduced to the dark world of Nina and company and taught one very important lesson…zombies aren’t the worst thing in the world…people are.

This book starts in a dark place and seemingly continues in that same path for its entirety, until you begin thinking about the emotional path of Nina. We begin to see her turning into more of a feminine character, a dynamic that was introduced in Odium, but not to any real degree. We see Nina wanting to make friends, to get comfortable, to find safety…and…even managing to trust people.

Her road is rocky and by the end of this title, she’s still the kick-ass warrior princess we’ve come to know and love, but Odium II reminds us that this saga is about HER, pure and simple. And Riley’s definitely showing us that there’s a lot more going on inside that head of Nina’s than just rage.

The end of this book leaves us with a real cliffhanger, one in which I can’t wait to see what Riley decides to do with it. I’m definitely in for the end of this ride. I just hope, for Nina’s sake, it comes soon.


Buy it now!


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