Fat Mogul vs. Mothers

Singing on stage with Grandma at the fish farm...just one of the many things my little girl got into over the course of a few hours at Bullfrogs
Singing on stage with Grandma at the fish farm…just one of the many things my little girl got into over the course of a few hours at Bullfrogs

By the sight of the shorts and sandals on the pasty legs of my two little ones, it has finally become official…Spring finally made it to Wisconsin!  And just in time for Mother’s Day too.

In fact, Mother’s Day has become somewhat of a season opener around the Oster household here (at least these last 4 years).  We almost always spend it outside.

This weekend was no different, as it was the first day in which I truly felt it was short-weather-worthy.  The kids started their weekend with some indoor action with their gymnastics class, but immediately moved on from there to go watch Mom run a 5k, play at the park, go to the farmer’s market, garden in the yard, and have an outdoor party with family…That was Saturday…Sunday was slightly more low-key, in that we spent the majority of the day down at the fish farm (a place I realize I should give some full attention to on here sometime soon) listening to Grandma play some music, fish, and eat.

Needless to say, this weekend was absolutely exhausting.  Apparently that’s how we like to celebrate Mother’s Day in our house, by completely obliterating our energy stores so that we can all feel like a mother for a day.

So…now that I’m feeling as though I’ve been beaten over the entire body by the stick of self abuse…yay moms!  If this is how you actually feel every day, then you definitely deserve your own day of celebration.  Of course…if I was the mom in this family, I probably wouldn’t choose such draining activities to celebrate me…but that’s just me.  I like my sleep.

Anyways, I know this one is short…like I said, I’m exhausted.  That…and I’ve got a busy day of everything to do today.  Mostly in the attempt to forget that people are currently reading Daddy of the Dead and may come back at me with their thoughts at any moment, meaning I could be absolutely devastated, or just mostly devastated.

I’m hoping for absolutely.

Have fun out there!


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