Fat Mogul vs. Motivation

I’ve been watching a bit of TED talks this week, due to their life hack series being scheduled to drop from Netflix Instant Watch in the next month.  It’s been great.  But…I can’t help feel that they are a tad more motivational speaking than your standard TED talks.  I guess that’s somewhat the nature of the beast of life hacking…it’s really all about making your life better, which, of course, is what those motivational speakers, like Mr. Matt Foley, are all about.

Click the picture to see Matt move!

But here’s the twist…I started listening.  I’ve long avoided folks like Tony Robbins like the plague, feeling that the crap they’re schlepping is designed purely to take money out of my pocket and offer me little more than false hopes.  I’m still not changed on that thought…but, what I’ve learned through these life hack talks is that there’s a great amount of science behind the ideas that many motivational speakers have been pimping for ages.

And here’s what I’ve found….I act in opposition to many of them.

I generally consider myself a highly motivated individual.  I have dreams, I work hard to meet those dreams.  The problem is, I often find myself feeling completely defeated by these dreams, waking each morning to find them not yet reality.  Of course, dreams being a great wonderful thing, they are very hard to reach, or see the progress towards them, if you don’t set up spots along the way, little things that help you remember that you’ve actually moved forward.

Simply put, my dreams often disappoint me because I’ve spent so long looking at the big picture that I’ve completely missed all the little successes along the way…

And there’s an added benefit to making those little measurable goals…you have something tangible to strive for (ie…my current goal of selling 30 books over the course of 30 days…which may seem small, but would be quite the coup for me).

In this adjustment of how I think about my goals alone, I’m already seeing an increase in the positivity I hold toward my future.  Of course…another life hack is…if you’re feeling negative, remind yourself of the positives, stop what you’re doing and basically force yourself to be positive.

Alright, so, I realize, this post is getting mighty uncomfortable already, due to how much it feels like a new The Secret convert talking about how everything’s changing for them because of that crazed book…I apologize for that.  I make the tentative promise that I won’t wax on about how you can change your life through the power of positive thinking.

I just wanted to let you all know that I’m in the midst of battling one of the worst habits I have…self-deprecation.  I’m not talking about the self-deprecating jokes I like to make.  I’m talking about the actual negative thinking that pervades my mind so often that I many times find it difficult to do even the most simple of things.  I’m making the decision to stop it.

And that’s all I’ve really got to say about it.

So, yeah, I may sound like Matt Foley is my new best friend, and I feel a little weird about it.  But, I also know that one of the best ways to move forward on breaking any bad habit, any addiction, is to be open and honest about it.

I’m Adam Oster and I have an addiction to negative thinking.

But I’m done.

Have fun out there!


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