The Problem with Blogging

I’ve been blogging regularly now for about four years.  Sure, there have been times of lapse, where I get stuck on a project and put the blogging to the wayside.  Sure, there have been several different blogging projects, attempts to come up with a theme, or other sites, in which I would have something more regular to talk about.  In the end, I’ve just sat with with a mostly daily (business day daily) diary of whatever might be on my mind at the moment.  We just talked about that.

It’s worked out well for me, as it gets things out of my head so I can get to my real writing.

There’s only one real problem that comes into play…the days where I can’t think of a single thing to talk about on here.

I’ve come to rely on my morning blogging as a way to clear the brain whilst warming up the fingers.  Yet, as time ebbs on, I’ve found that there is less and less I feel the need to ramble about.  Sometimes I write full blog posts on topics I know I can never actually publish on here, only to delete them afterwards and write something completely pointless (you know, more pointless than usual), just so I keep to my routine.

But somedays (like today, for instance), I just really have absolutely nothing to say…


I mean, yeah, I could give you some updates on what I’ve been working on this week.  I helped my wife edit her capstone project (she graduates this month!), which I’m quite certain she now hates me for, due to the copious notes I gave her on how I thought it could be improved.  I’ve also been working on final edits for Daddy of the Dead…which is moving along quite swimmingly, although a little bit slower than I had scheduled, due to being completely engrossed in editing academic work.

Umm….I’m beta reading The Hades Contract, which happens to be the sequel to the amazing Godhead.  Just received my ARC (advanced reviewers copy) of Odium II…both of which I’ve been eagerly anticipating…

Ummm…yeah…I’ve got nothing…

So, you know what?  It’s spring. The sun is actually shining outside my window right now, which is the first time it has done that all week.  I’m just going to stop this whole attempt at pretending I have something worthwhile to waste your time with and tell you to just enjoy this Friday…because, well, it’s Friday, suckas!  And I’m quite ready for the weekend…

Have fun out there!


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