Book Review: Dead Reckoning by K.A. Perkins

91Gjomq2emL._SL1500_I believe this is the last of the books that I reviewed back in the day without posting on here (for reasons unknown).

Do you like pirates?  Who doesn’t, am I right?  So, when Karen came to me asking if I’d be willing to read her book, I have to admit, I jumped in excitement a little bit.  I had never actually read a book with pirates as the subject matter, outside of those great grade school classics like Treasure Island.

Dead Reckoning is technically the second book in Perkins’ Valkyrie series, the first being the novella An Ill Wind.  However, An Ill Wind is not requisite reading to get into this tale of swashbuckling action, serving as more of a prequel origin story than a direct link to the action involved here.  Which is great to know, because from the start of Dead Reckoning, you are tossed into the action, following the path of Gabriella as she comes from battered wife to pirate queen, as well as the path of Leo, fallen man of the seas, now resorting to pirating in order to take out the pirates he reviles.

These two find each other on the high seas and find themselves in the midst of of battle for love as well as power, as Gabriella quickly finds herself enjoying her newfound freedom away from her abusive husband and wants to be under no other man, not even her new captain, Leo.

Synopsis aside, this book just doesn’t stop.  Even when Perkins is describing in great detail the amount of work that must go into repairing a ship after battle, she is engrossing the reader in the trials and tribulations of a person riding the placid waves of the Caribbean.  This book is filled with emotion and tension, while also showcasing a great deal of buccaneering excitement.  If you’re somehow not one who has any interest in this type of fare, I’m not really sure you should be reading fiction…at least not the stuff I write.

Perkins crafts a world that is based in history, but so well designed that one can’t help but think Perkins herself spent some time riding with the pirates of the Caribbean.

It should also be noted that the next book in the series, Ready About! should be dropping any day now, although still listed on Goodreads as coming out in December 2013.  I know I’m eager for it to come out!




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