Fat Mogul vs. Waking to Reality

I AM Batman!
I AM Batman!

This weekend found me taking a nap with my two year old son.  He’s been exhausted lately, and I’ve found that he sleeps much better when he’s got someone near him.  In fact, although he woke up several times throughout the course of the nap, meaning I didn’t get so much of one, he was out for the better part of 3 hours.  It was impressive, considering he’s been downgrading his naps to something more along the lines of the 1 hour mark lately.

However, the journaling of my son’s nap patterns isn’t what I intended to talk about today…

I’m not one to stare, I’m really not.  I find it creepy when I get stared at and, well, although I’d like to say that I don’t want to appear creepy to other people, so don’t do it because of that, the truth of the matter is that I find staring to be rather boring.  All the same, it turns out that I happened to be glancing quickly in my son’s direction as he woke up during one of his wake ups during this aforementioned nap…and it was amazing.

It didn’t happen quickly, meaning, of course, I caught this over a series of quick glances, not because of staring.  His facial expression slowly morphed from one of peaceful calm to one of resolute determination.  A scowl of determined rage fell across his face so slowly that I almost wasn’t sure it was there, until moments later when a monstrous roar escaped his lips, one that you may hear from a Spartan charging forward into battle.

That’s when his eyes suddenly opened and he jumped up reading to take on…”wait…what the heck is going on here?

“Oh, I was sleeping?”

And he laid back down and closed his eyes and didn’t move again for another hour.

It was, quite simply, amazing.  I have no clue what he fought.  I tried to get a response out of him before he passed back out, but although seeing me was what finally brought him back to reality, he was really not ever awake.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had laid back down and closed his eyes with the thought going through his head that goes something along the lines of “I’d better hurry up and get back in there, that princess isn’t going to save herself!”  (yes, I know feminists that this is a rather sexist thought and princesses can indeed save themselves…even if they are in danger that James Bond himself couldn’t get out of….I’m just making a stupid joke here)  The whole thing was completely lost when I asked him about it later in the day.  It was as thought nothing had actually happened…although, in that moment, his world revolved around that very thing, as was evident from the emotions playing out across his face.

It reminded me of many of my own dreams over the years, ones in which I would be called upon to face some atrocious monster, and although I was someone fearful as a child (as is my son, most of the time) I would find myself time and again facing off against the monster in order to save the day, only to have reality come back upon me, causing me to wish to be taken back to that world where I was the salvation, instead of the damsel in distress (shh…) I felt during my waking hours.

Dreams are funny like that.  I still have dreams from my childhood that I think about on all too regular of a basis, including one in which a T-Rex erupts from a house in my childhood neighborhood and goes on a Godzilla-esque rampage, creating a rather post-apocalyptic version of that neighborhood in which I was the only person left standing to take the beast down (I’d like to note that this was before I saw Jurassic Park…).  I’d wake and think about that dream and become fearful about its possible reality, but in the dream, I was the epic adventurer ready to face the danger head on.

I liked dream-me.

That probably explains why I still love sleep so much…or..I suppose, it might have to do with the fact that I have kids who decide that even though they are completely impossible to wake up at 7am on any day of the week where that’s already too late to wake up, they will jump on top of me right away at 5am on Saturday and Sunday, so as to keep me from getting any additional rest when it’s possible…

Kids…the dream killers…

Alright, yeah, I’m outta here, got a busy day of editing ahead of me.

Have fun out there!


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