Fat Mogul vs. Vacation Planning

IMG_1515WARNING: This post is filled with absolute nonsense, not to be taken too seriously, and rather stupid.  I’d suggest not reading it.

So…it’s official…the Osters are going to Disney World (yeah..I know…again…).  Only problem is…we ain’t going until next January.

Yep, that’s right, in a completely unlike us sort of way, we are planning a trip that takes place outside of the next few weeks…and although I’ve done next to nothing about it, other than discussing with my wife where we would like to lay our exhausted heads while we are there…I’m already done with it.


The reason we generally plan for vacations is because we’ve finally gotten to the point where we can’t continue our daily lives any longer without a break, so we plan for a break in the near future…we’re currently planning a break, but not for anywhere near the near future.

And what’s even worse (in this whole 1st world problems whiney stupidity rant that I’m going on with right now) is that I’m hungry…No..wait..oh, yeah, it’s that I really can’t do any real planning, so even the possible break that comes from thinking about the fun things you might be doing in the future, isn’t really a possibility.

So, I guess that means I’ll just have to go back to my standard form of escape…writing…about zombies who want to eat my face…it’s a good stress reliever.


Okay, but for seriousness…no imagined need for whining here…who’s ready for summer?  Because this guy with two thumbs and an itch to roll around in the grass while sloppily eating an ice cream cone, well, he’s ready…

Stupid rain keeping me indoors…

I should go somewhere in which I can be outside all the time!  Oh yeah..nevermind.


(This piece of stupidity brought to you by a man who can’t seem to get enough cold medication in his system to kill this stupid cold that keeps kicking)

Hope you all have a great weekend…looks like today’s going to be the last day of no-rain for us Wisconsin folks for a while 😦

Have fun out there!


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