Fat Mogul vs. Book Releases (no official announcement within)

early cover design for The Legend of Buddy Hero...just for kicks
early cover design for The Legend of Buddy Hero…just for kicks

Hey kids, just like yesterday…if you follow me on facebook…yeah, I know…boring stuff, right.  Who reads this and actually doesn’t follow me on facebook?

Anyways, you might have noticed that yesterday marked the completion of the first draft of The Long Chron, a sci-fi/fantasy tale about two con artists who find themselves taken back in time to the Middle Ages and are forced to face off against an evil wizard.  That’s right, I took on the time travel genre, and I’m pretty proud to say that I feel that I pwn’d it.  Of course…that doesn’t mean much for all of you at this point, because it’s still nowhere near ready for release…it’s just a first draft after all.

However, completing that little task does mean there is some good news in the near future for those of you awaiting another new release from the guy who gave you fat superheroes….more fat superheroes!

I’ve got a little novella about zombies as well as the sequel to The Legend of Buddy Hero that I’m now putting into the final edits phase.  Not quite ready to set a date yet, as I’m just now digging into them to see how much work I think they’ll actually take, but I’m tentatively shooting for an end of May beginning of June schedule…

That means I’ve got an awful lot of work coming up here to make these two stories as amazing as possible.  And I’m mighty excited about it.

And since I’m excited about it, I’ve decided to put out an early notice regarding beta readers.  It’ll be a couple weeks before I’ll be sending anything out, but if anyone is interested in getting the opportunity to be the first to read either Daddy of the Dead or The Rise of the Fat Mogul or both, shoot me a note, either here, on e-mail, on facebook, on brick through my window, or whatever method you might choose (please don’t choose the brick one…it’s still not very warm out…).


In other news…something I know you’ve all been waiting on the edges of your uncomfortable seats about…I just yesterday completed the viewing of every episode of Star Trek: Enterprise.  I’m pretty excited about it…A while back (years, I believe) I decided to watch every single episode of Star Trek I could get my grimy hands on…with the completion of the most recent series, that dream is nearly complete.  I only have the animated series to work my way through, which I would imagine would only take a couple weeks, due to the small amount of content produced there.  Perhaps I’ll have to figure out exactly how long I’ve been working on that task….

I’m also nearly complete in my watching of every Doctor Who episode I can get my hands on…but there’s still probably several months of that left, at least, seeing as I have to wait for Netflix to send them my way.

In fact…my Netflix queue is starting to get smaller on a rather quick scale right now…perhaps I’m in a period of endings in my life…perhaps this means soon I’ll have to start getting to some new beginnings….perhaps that means I’ll be spontaneously combusting into a series of confetti filled explosions?  wait…that’s not confetti…gross…

Okay…yeah, as you can see, I have very little to talk about on here today.  Got a busy day ahead of me that I’m going to try to actually get through with as close to as much completing of tasks as possible.

So, with that said… Have fun out there!


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