Fat Mogul vs. Prom

10169244_10100721660528906_4530007354146168003_nAs one ages, they tend to look back to their youth and perhaps feel some regret for the things they might have missed out on during the days they were available…For me, prom is not one of these things.

And to be fair, a Viennese Ball is not quite the same thing as prom…and UWEC’s V-Ball is (according to my wife; I don’t feel like researching to see if she’s correct) the 2nd largest one around, or in the world, or something…I wasn’t really listening.  All the same, it’s a pretty big deal.  And since this is the year she’s graduating and still gets cheap tickets, and we were actually able to convince some friends to come out with us, and, well, you know, I have this suit that I wear almost never….I told her it could be fun to go…which she responded by telling me that it didn’t matter what I thought, the tickets were purchased and my suit was already in for dry cleaning 😉 .

Anyways, I’ll admit I was rather interested in the whole affair.  My school didn’t actually have a prom, choosing instead to have a large meal with an after-affair filled with games and prizes; so, the idea of going out, dancing, drinking, and knocking someone up seemed like something I should probably add to my completed list of life items.  And…wow, from the moment we stepped into the restaurant we chose for pre-ball dinner, I felt as though it was prom night.  The room was filled with people dressed in ball gowns that, well, I think may have been reused from prom itself. The air was buzzing with the excitement of what the night might bring.  At thing point, I should probably add that this is kind of the prom for the college crowd in town here, but has an incredibly large alumni (old-people) attendance.

But I’m really not being fair. The night was a lot of fun.  We spent a fair amount of time in the piano bar, singing Piano Man along with all of the drunken frat boys as they continually requested On Wisconsin (and continued cheering Final Four…which I felt was embarrassing, since I’m guessing they didn’t know about last week’s upset).  We ran into tons of people we knew dressed to the nines, got to check out some amazing jewelry artwork from our neighbor, taught my wife how to follow my lead in a waltz, and I even got to eat the most atrocious looking cheese sausage covered in plastic cheese that tasted something like heaven.

And we stayed up past 9!

All in all, it was a fun night out, even if it did feel a little bit like prom with the hordes of young people sitting at the side lines trying to pick up members of the opposite sex.  We even got to catch one amazing display of melodrama as a debutante ran screaming into the stairwell with a bevy of her friends, “Why is he even here?”, presumably at the sight of an ex-boyfriend who has expressed his distaste for such affairs.

I may even consider allowing my wife to take me again next year…just hopefully I won’t be nearly as down with the cold as I was this time around.



2 Replies to “Fat Mogul vs. Prom”

  1. V-ball is a blast! I went for free one year for working the German club booth and another time with my husband. We even took dance lessons (and dropped out if them!). Way more fun than prom. But I was just commiserating with some teenage girls about how lame schools that don’t have prom are!

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