Book Review: Coping Through Christianity by Wyatt McIntyre

9086667The subject matter of this book kept me from being too incredibly excited about digging in.  I’ll just lay it out there, Christian apologetics is something I’ve just very little interest in.  However, I dug McIntyre’s fictional novel, The Last Dance, and figured that I should give this puppy a try all the same.

This book is not for everyone.  It’s not intended to be.  There are times in the text where it almost feels as though it’s written for ministers looking for answers on how to help their congregations through troubled times.  However, the truth is that this book is written for anyone looking for help through troubled times, whether its for themselves or for a friend.  This, admittedly dense, tome of Biblical exposition does a rather effective job of showing the more relatable side of Christ, the side that can often be overlooked amidst the book burnings and funeral picketings.

And that’s where this book really shines, in that it reminds people that Jesus/God is not a harsh dictator, he is not one who believes we all deserve death.  Throughout his review of the Bible’s relation to topics such as depression, abuse, suicide, and many others, McIntyre showcases God’s true nature, that of a loving father whose only hope is to bring us home with him.

McIntyre may get a little long-winded at time, coming off more sermon-esque than personable, but in the end he does a great job of comprehensively covering each topic he focuses on in this book, making sure to leave no stone unturned, which is important when discussing such apologetics.

This book is a must read if you have any interest in the topic, and I’d highly suggest it for anyone of faith who is having trouble in life and questioning where they fit in God’s world.

I find it hard to say much more about this book without getting into debates about the actual subject matter within.  Needless to say, it’s a book that will make you think, if you’re one to think about God.


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