Fat Mogul vs. The Interview

my aging author photo...about time to get a new one, right?
my aging author photo…about time to get a new one, right?

Over the last year, I’ve been interviewed a lot.  Approximately a year ago, I started my search for a new job (one that just hasn’t quite happened yet) and have gone through countless job interviews, a rather painful process in which you attempt to answer completely detailed questions about why you would be the best person to do any job ever based on how you reacted to previous situations.  If it weren’t a situation where you’re in need of being at your best, it would probably be a lot of fun.  It’s a lot like improv, in a lot of ways, except instead of laughs, you’re working on getting a job.

Of course, maybe I’m not that great at it, considering how few new jobs I’ve gotten over the course of the last year….I like to say I’m too good at it and these people just consider me too over qualified.

However, there’s something else that’s happened over the course of the last year, and that’s the author interview.  It seems that one of the best ways in order to get your name out there as an author is basically to do exactly the same thing you do for a job interview, but, you know, on blogs and in papers…and, well, instead of trying to look professional, you’re really trying to look clever/interesting/like someone who writes books that people want to read.

I’m not sure which of the type of interview I like least… I suppose the rather impersonal nature that many author interviews take probably don’t help anything.

But there is a rather awesome silver lining to doing the author interview that may not be there with the job interview…I mean, outside of possibly selling a book or getting a job.  You see, most of these interview questions are almost exactly the same.  If you’re like me, you don’t really like having boiler plate answers…it really seems boring.  And so, a lot of times, my mood when I’m working on the interview comes out…this can be good and bad.  But what it really means is that I end up getting some rather interesting output on these questions that help mold the way I talk about myself and my books as I continue.

That’s right…talking about myself and my books is making me better at talking about myself and my books.  After struggling to articulate myself on these subjects for such a long period of time, I’m finding it easier and easier to summarize my passion’s work into easy to digest soundbites so that people actually know what to expect.

At least I feel that I’m getting better at it…perhaps it doesn’t come off that way.

Anyways, here’s a list of some of my interviews over the past year on different sites…I thought maybe the rest of you might be interested in seeing the evolution over the year:

Interview with author Claire C Riley (toward the end of the long post) – 04/03/2013

Indie Authorland – 04/24/2013

Volume One – 05/09/2013

Interview with author Michael Matula – 12/02/2013

Interview with author Angelika Rust – no date showing, but it’s somewhere in this part of the timeline

BookGoodies.com – No Date here either

Pretty-Hot.com – Or here….

Indie Authorland (again…this time for Agora Files) – Just dropped today! 04/10/2014

As you can see…I talk about the same things over and over again…and this is just the sampling of interviews I could find quickly this morning, there’s a whole heckuva lot more out there…and a bunch more to come, just from the standpoint that they’ve already been interviewed and just haven’t been posted yet.

Maybe I should hire interns to put together interview answers for me….  Seems like I could put together a basic template of answers and they could do the work, right? 🙂

Alright, I’m out.


have fun out there!


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