Fat Mogul vs The Blog

found this image at gabrielweinberg.com.  I hope he owns it.
found this image at gabrielweinberg.com. I hope he owns it.

To start this post off, I want to note that with just one day of being in existence, yesterday’s post is already the 12th most visited page on this site for all time.  That’s right, for all of the things I may talk about on this space, which is quite varied, the thing that people most respond to is a post with a title that involves the words “son’s weiner.”

Of course…out of all the titles and whatnot I’ve posted on here, that’s the one I’d be most likely to click on as well, so don’t think I’m pointing fingers…I’m just now trying to think of how many different ways I can bring people to my blog by referencing my children inappropriately without giving good reason for Social Services to start knocking on my door.

Actually, yesterday’s blogging success couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’ve been struggling with the blog lately, feeling that I’ve run out of things to say on a majority of topics, as I’m now beginning to focus more on my other writing.  Where this space used to serve somewhat of a personal therapeutic nature…I’ve now found that I have regular readers and should, you know, actually write things that they might care about…at least every once in a while.

While on that point…what the heck are you folks doing coming around here every day?  Jeez, I don’t even like to read back on this stuff (mostly because of the horrible habit I have on here of not spell-checking or grammar-checking or anything-checking).

For the time being, I still intend to try to use this space regularly, just because I have it and fear it falling by the wayside, but I believe the time will come soon for my posts to be less frequent, for fear of overwhelming the world with my own personal inner dialogues about things like how much I really hate trying to find people to read my books.  It’s the kind of stuff I need to get out, from time to time, but as my wife likes to tell me…”yeah, you probably need to move onto a new topic.”

However, I also know that these little personal struggles are the type of drama that is probably keeping some of you coming back on a daily basis…making this blog something of my own little reality tv show where you can see me absolutely breaking down about the most stupid of things.  Okay, no, we all know that’s what I do late at night when I’m in the midst of slurping down my third Stout infused ice cream float.

So, in other words, this is my little announcement to tell you that I have absolutely nothing to announce at this point, but am currently re-thinking my blogging strategy…an announcement I’m making purely because I don’t know what else to talk about today in order to follow up letting the world know about my son’s naked dancing.

At the very least, you can definitely expect to continue seeing book reviews and book announcements on this space, as well as the rather random comments from me letting you know what’s going on in my life.  More than likely, absolutely nothing will change, as this blog has definitely become part of my daily routine that might be a tad too difficult to remove.

So…yeah…that’s it… (worst blog post ever…)

Have fun out there!


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