Book Review: Fugitives from Northwoods by Chris Bostic

91kvyBS7b-L._SL1500_If you like THE AGORA FILES, here’s a book to tide you over while you await my completing the second book in that series.  FUGITIVES FROM NORTHWOODS by Chris Bostic is a dystopian thrill ride that will keep you turning pages until long into the night.  A book, which the author states came after reading THE HUNGER GAMES series multiple times in immediate succession, that really focuses on the survival aspect of traversing the area just north of where I live (although some would consider Eau Claire within the Northwoods, I think they’re just wishful).

Bostic knows his stuff.  I mean, this book is not only amazing in its ability to make you wonder how this group of kids are going to make their way out of the work camp and to freedom without dying, but also with how much actual survival fact is included, such as how earthworms came about in the Northwoods, or how best to catch a fish with limited supplies, or how to ensure your drinking water is safe.

But don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is simply a book of facts and landscaping.  This title is an adventure epic that one can’t help but get immediately sucked into, and reading through to the very end in a minimal amount of sittings.

I can’t suggest this book enough…and, I’ve been seeing notes coming from the author stating that the sequel is well underway, meaning there will be much more of this youngling-led revolutionary epic coming soon.   I don’t have to tell you that I’ll be there to get me a copy as soon as I can.

On a side note, I really want to focus for a second on how impressive I found Bostic’s ability to capture the landscape and emotions of the Northwoods.  You can tell from his writing that this is a man who loves the area that encapsulates a large portion of Wisconsin and Minnesota.  The setting places such an integral role in the telling of this story and does so in a way that one can’t help but enjoy the majesty of the Midwestern outdoors just through Bostic’s engaging descriptions of it.  The sights, sounds, and smells really do come alive as you turn each page and see what exciting moment comes up next.

There’s also something of a cautionary tale involved here, outside of the overall dystopian government deal going on, in that Bostic warns of the danger of man being too careless with the environment and shows us through this landscape how man’s actions can cause devastating results…although, it still appears that nature ultimately wins.

Once again, go pick this book up.  It’s fantastic, and a sure page-turner, especially if you dig those popular types of books where kids are in near-death situations on a rather constant basis…

Go here for the book!

Have fun out there!



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