Fat Mogul vs. Googling Myself

googleIt’s true.  I do it.  And I do it often.  At least once a week.  In fact, I have google alerts set to let me know if anything new pops up, and I still find the need to do a manual search regularly.  And I’ve been doing it for years.  To be completely honest, I did it right before I began to write this post…just my standard Monday morning schedule.

You might say I have an addiction to googling myself.

Now, as with most addicts…I have my reasons.

First, I want to say that most of these excuses are moot, as I’ve been googling myself for far longer than most of them are in any way relevant, just not nearly as often as I do today.

Second, I want to say that I run a business (of sorts) and it is incredibly important to know what the world is saying about that business.  Googling oneself is one of the best ways to be informed of such.

And actually…that’s the only real excuse that matters (although I’ll give a couple more as a tag at the end, because they are things that came from googling myself years ago).  It might not happen often, but people do talk about me and/or my books, and it’s always good to be on top of such things to show that you’re out there and ready to interact with fans (beware, of course, of responding to negative reviews…).

Besides…I love it.

Heck, even if I were to find someone flaming my name in some unspoken corner of the internet, I think I’d still love knowing that I was able to find myself being discussed at all.

Of course, right now, most of the folks talking about me, that I can find, at least, are fellow authors who have found my books for one reason or another.  Since they’ve managed to give me some exposure, I really like to return the favor, even if it is just a little sharing of a cover image or some other small thing.  I don’t always let these folks know that I saw them mentioning how much they loved The Agora Files, or that they called me the funniest author they know (which I still can’t see as being true), nor do I generally let them know when I’m passing their info on, as I really would hate to begin some sort of quid pro quo cycle that never ends because both sides feel required to out-do the other.  I simply try to do something nice for most people who make me smile, that’s it.

But there’s something more interesting that’s come from googling myself over the years…something that, well, tends to make self-googlification that much more gratifying.  That is to see how my fellow Adam Osters of the world are faring.  One of the Adams that I find myself competing with most for top search engine spots is that of the body builder Oster, who has the loveable “Oster Strong” tag attached to his name.  When googling, I find myself checking in on him quite often, watching as he grows (literally and figuratively).  I mean, this guy is built.  I wish I could take a little bit of his upper body strength and apply it to myself.  But, even more than that, is seeing the transformation he’s made over the years.  I, obviously, could have my facts wrong, since all I get are little glimpses over the years (and I can’t find the photo evidence that my mind remembers), but it seems that he transformed himself from something of a round man to a man that could cut rocks.  I find myself using him for inspiration…although, obviously not for my body, but just for reaching my own goals.

I also happen across Adam Osters who have died recently, which makes me think about my own mortality in an odd way.

And other Adam Osters, some who live mighty close, who just seem to live rather normal lives and, well, could be someone I’d find when I’m out for a night on the town (do people still use that phrase without feeling weird?).

In other words, my googling of myself has begun this rather meta-physical internal conversation where I think about how my life could have ended up like these other Adam Osters, some who, in many ways, appear rather similar to me, others are quite a bit separated from me, and others yet, seemed to have served important roles in the history of the world…okay, I might be stretching that a bit…  A name that I, as a child, had always considered to be rather unique, I’ve found is one that is held by a number of men across the country (as well as a few overseas), which causes me to feel this instant kinship to them, even if they couldn’t be more different from me if they had tried.

And then I received a friend request from Adam Oster….

Now, almost daily, I see directly into the life of this other Adam Oster who lives in a city that shares the name with my own city’s neighbor.  He has a beard, he has two kids (I’m pretty sure…I don’t stalk that closely), he digs Doctor Who, and, of course, since he was the one who friended me, you can probably guess that he’s done at least a minor amount of googling himself and looking into the world of these other Adam Osters.

I started googling myself as something of a lark, back when the internet was still relatively shiny and still used mostly for porn…you know, as opposed to now where it’s something about 50% porn 50% facebook/facebook apps.  It turned into something where I find myself pondering the lives of these other individuals whom I’ve never talked to (my friend, Adam Oster, and I have never actually exchanged words).

Of course…I still try to see if there’s anything new about me out there, because, let’s face it, it’s all about me, right?  Adam Oster Prime 4 Life!

Have fun out there!


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