Fat Mogul vs. 7 AM

promo add for stock footage of an alarm clock going off...click the pic if you're in need of such stuff (and to see how much such video is going for nowadays)
promo add for stock footage of an alarm clock going off…click the pic if you’re in need of such stuff (and to see how much such video is going for nowadays)

I know what you’re thinking…you’re looking at that title, looking at the clock, and then looking at me with an exasperated face that says, “Adam, if you’re going to tell us you had a rough morning, it’s a little late for that to be relevant any more.”

And I agree.

Man, did I have a rough morning.  😉

No, but in all seriousness, 7AM is an odd time of day for me.  It always has been.  It’s been the official beginning of my day for nearly a decade now, even if there have been long stretches of time where some of the smaller inhabitants of my home have attempted to make it earlier, and I still have yet to anticipate its arrival.

This particular morning, of course, was a little bit rougher, as I spent a week visiting family and friends and deciding not to sleep, while not getting home until around 2:30 last night and sleep not coming until well after that and whatever else… But that’s honestly unimportant.

What is important is that when I looked at that clock this morning and saw that 7AM had rolled around again already, I couldn’t help but think to myself that there should come a time, sometime in my life of waking up at 7AM, where is doesn’t seem like there should still be another 5 hours until morning.

Sure, we could pontificate on the facts that I’ve never been a morning person, that I have a rather severe caffeine addiction that requires me to have at least 3 cups before I feel as though I’m actually alive, and that I, quite simply, could probably just do with a little bit of extra sleep.  And I’d have to agree with you to some degree on all of those.  However, I’ve decided that my issue with mornings isn’t that I don’t like mornings, it’s that I don’t like how damned difficult it is to get my own buttcheeks out of the bed.

And so it goes when I look at my daughter, the ever-cheerful apple of my eye who has, all-too-often shown that she takes after me in almost every way (except looks), and see her have the same struggles every morning.  She’s never really been too big of a fan of mornings, and definitely doesn’t struggle with the caffeine addiction (and rarely could be said to be deprived of sleep).  My son, on the other hand, is up and ready to go right away, the second any noise happens loud enough to wake him, or whatever other random item gets him out of his bed and jumping on my groin at 6AM every morning.

So, perhaps there really is something to this whole “morning person” concept.  Perhaps its genetic…perhaps it really has more to do with sleep patterns and health issues…or maybe us non-morning people just have way better dreams than the rest of you…

Of course, now that I’m getting older and finding it more and more difficult to stay up the late hours of my youth…I’m starting to wonder if there’s any time of day where I am a [then]-person.

Maybe I’m just a dinner person.  I love me some dinner.

Speaking of which…I’m getting hungry.

I’ll have better updates for you before the end of the week…today was just one of those great days of catching up.

Have fun out there!



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