Fat Mogul vs. Wisconsin

IMG_0880That’s right folks, I’m officially done with Wisconsin.  Although I still have 20 hours before I get on that plane to escape the Midwest with my children, I’ve officially decided that those 20 hours shall be stricken from the record… unfortunately I have a ton to get done during those 20 hours, not the least of which being to actually pack for this trip.

In other words, I am more than a little excited to get out of town.  I haven’t been outside of Wisconsin since last May except for a couple trips across the border to Minneapolis…that’s a long time for me to be staying in one basic area…and with how that weather is acting outside, it is most definitely time to get away… to get thawed out at the very least.

So, with that, I’m leaving you all with one simple message:

I’m out!


Have fun out there…and stay warm.

p.s. I should probably note that I have no clue how frequently I’ll be updating here over the course of the next week…so, yeah, don’t expect nuthin’ okay?


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