Fat Mogul vs. Getting my Mogul Rising

from blog.modernmechanix.com
from blog.modernmechanix.com

For whatever dumb non-sensical reason, I woke up with The Doors’ LA Woman in my head this morning, but with the twist that instead of “mojo rising” I just keep getting the words “mogul rising” in my head…guess I’ve been working on the edits for this book a little too deeply over the past couple weeks.

And actually, THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL is exactly what I wanted to talk to you folks about today.  You see, in putting together the second draft of this novel, I came to the realization that the tone of this book is quite a bit different than that of THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO.  I personally find that to be a good thing for a few reasons.  1. BUDDY was my first attempt at a full-length novel and honestly, suffered because of it.  2. BUDDY, although intended to be amusing, was never intended to be considered comedic…I only began labeling it as such after being told how hilarious it was (which I still question).

But here’s the thing.  THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL does set up a new tone for the entirety of the series.  Like THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO, there’s a working through the tropes of the comic book world, but there’s also an attempt to look at the reality of what all of this would truly mean if there were these super-powered men and women fighting for supremacy.  And…there’s a major back story going on here that is only barely revealed by the end of this second book.

In other words, THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL is where the saga actually begins…and, to be honest, it doesn’t truly begin until the end of this book, where you start to see what’s really going on with everything.

And I’m so incredibly excited about all of it.  I’ve got so much going into these last few chapters I’m working on, so many little plot points to allude to and to right out alert you to, that I’m having a difficult time not spouting out about how clever I feel about the whole thing to everyone I meet.  THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO was all set up to let you know about these characters, THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL is all set up to let you know more about this universe.  THE RETURN OF KID ZERO is where we’ll suddenly get a full glimpse at the history of this world that The New Defenders now live in…a world that is drastically different than you might have thought.

And so here I sit, putting in as much time as possible before I disappear from my computer in two days (vacation time, if you weren’t aware) in order to complete this second draft before I do so…feeling brilliant…and I just want you to know about it…because it’s going to be a long while before all these pieces are going to be put together for you.  And that makes me sad.

But, for those of you who stay along for the ride (or the rise?), I promise to not disappoint… or at least I’ll do my damnedest not to anyways 🙂

So, yeah, short post for today because I’ve got 47 pages to edit in the next 2 days.

Oh, and for those of you who are more interested in news about THE AGORA FILES 2…I can tell you that book 2, although has not officially had any words put to paper, has quite the growing list of locales to visit, as well as an incredibly amazing story line for Cyrus, Geek, and Eve that, well, I fully intend to make the wait on that worth your while.

Have fun out there!


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