Fat Mogul vs.Snow Days

found on deviantart.com.  Click the link for more from this genius artist (seems to really like the turtles...)
found on deviantart.com. Click the link for more from this genius artist (seems to really like the turtles…)

Hey, have you heard?  The world is quickly becoming covered with snow.  I mean, there’s so much snow right now that my little city of Eau Claire, WI actually almost completely closed down yesterday and today.  And this isn’t the first time this year.  Not by a long shot.

Of course, when one works from home, there’s little excuse for a snow day, unless, perhaps, the power manages to go out, which, thankfully, has not happened to this Oster household.

As the weather manages to continue to stay somewhat dangerous for travel and I hear about all of the things closing down around me, I can’t help but think of the snow days of my youth.  You see, when I was growing up in South Carolina, if we got even a hint of snow, the entire state would shut down and people would be sledding in the streets.  From the looks of my Facebook feed over the past few months, this still seems to be the case.  It wasn’t just the kids getting out of school.  No one dared drive in the “dangerous” conditions.

Wisconsin, however, is filled with people who believe they are more than ready to brave whatever may come with the snow.  This morning, as I pulled out of my snow covered drive-way to take my kids to day care (as I really have a ton to get done at work today), I hazardously weaved my way in between cars on both sides of the tiny little un-plowed road our house sits upon with limited visibility whilst gunning the engine in order to get un-stuck from the thick slushy mess that lie underneath…  That’s just Wisconsin, a constant daring escape into the wintry wasteland.

Which means, of course, that closing down for dangerous road conditions is something we do with only the most blizzard-y of snow storms.  And adults are still generally required to continue with their job.  When snow days do occur, we’re not sledding in the streets, we’re generally just doing what we would normally do…which means eveyrthing still needs to run.

Now, I’m not saying that Wisconsin should react like South Carolina.  It wouldn’t be feasible.  As it is, our school year this year will be reaching into June with all the snow days we did actually take…But that doesn’t mean I don’t think back wistfully to a world where the danger was imminent and the world just shut down for those few hours before the snow melted once again.

That’s another piece of my childhood I definitely miss during these blustry days of Wisconsin winter:  the snow melting hours later.  My back is screaming from the morning’s snow removal…and I have a snow blower!  (Still one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given.)

Anyways, like I said, gotta get things done today, especially considering I’m in the midst of prepping for a trip south in less than a week.

I wonder if they’ll have any more snow days while we’re down there? 😉

Have fun out there!


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